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I live in the West Midlands, England and was born in 1952.

After 25 years of teaching in Secondary schools (11-18+), I spent the next 15 years working on IT-related projects before retiring in 2012.

My main hobby is Scuba diving and I've been involved in instruction of recreational diving for almost 30 years to date.

Having looked at the Wikipedia articles on Scuba and related topics, I felt obliged to create an account to take part in improving the topic to the best of my abilities. I'm now using Wikimedia Commons to hold some of my photographs for use in Wikipedia.



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Marcus Antonius Creticus (Q357585) {{#invoke:WikidataIB/sandbox |getValue |qid=Q357585 |P569 |fwd=ALL |osd=no}} 115 BC  
Mark Antony (Q51673) {{#invoke:WikidataIB/sandbox |getValue |qid=Q51673 |P569 |fwd=ALL |osd=no}} 14 January 82 BC  
Mark Antony (Q51673) {{#invoke:WikidataIB/sandbox |getValue |qid=Q51673 |P569 |fwd=ALL |osd=no |bc=BC}} 14 January 82 BC  
Mark Antony (Q51673) {{#invoke:WikidataIB/sandbox |getValue |qid=Q51673 |P569 |fwd=ALL |osd=no |bc=BCE}} 14 January 82 BCE  
Mark Antony (Q51673) {{#invoke:WikidataIB/sandbox |getValue |qid=Q51673 |P569 |fwd=ALL |osd=no |df=mdy}} January 14, 82 BC  
Mark Antony (Q51673) {{#invoke:WikidataIB/sandbox |getValue |qid=Q51673 |P569 |fwd=ALL |osd=no |df=y}} 82 BC  
Mark Antony (Q51673) {{#invoke:WikidataIB/sandbox |getValue |qid=Q51673 |P569 |fwd=ALL |osd=no |lang=fr}} 14 janvier 82 av. J.-C.  
Richard Burton (Q151973) {{#invoke:WikidataIB/sandbox |getValue |qid=Q151973 |P569 |fwd=ALL |osd=no}} 10 November 1925  
Richard Burton (Q151973) {{#invoke:WikidataIB/sandbox |getValue |qid=Q151973 |P569 |fwd=ALL |osd=no |bc=BC}} 10 November 1925  
Richard Burton (Q151973) {{#invoke:WikidataIB/sandbox |getValue |qid=Q151973 |P569 |fwd=ALL |osd=no |df=mdy}} November 10, 1925  
Richard Burton (Q151973) {{#invoke:WikidataIB/sandbox |getValue |qid=Q151973 |P569 |fwd=ALL |osd=no |df=y}} 1925  
Philip the Arab (Q1817) {{#invoke:WikidataIB/sandbox |getValue |qid=Q1817 |P569 |fwd=ALL |osd=no}} c. 204  
Philip the Arab (Q1817) {{#invoke:WikidataIB/sandbox |getValue |qid=Q1817 |P570 |fwd=ALL |osd=no}} 249