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Experimental digital photography is now taught as a course at a variety of high schools, community colleges and colleges worldwide. My photographs and my book on the subject are used by many of these schools. Quite a few of the photographs on this page are from my book,Experimental Digital Photography (Sterling Publishing, New York/London, 2010), the first book on the subject -- a book that is used in a number of these courses and is in over 250 libraries worldwide. As one of first people to experiment in this manner, I have contributed some of my best work to
My particular method for experimentation has been to take candid photographs at slow shutter speeds handheld under available light. My shutter speeds have ranged from 1/4 second to 20 seconds, depending on the circumstances. This is the kind of photography in the Wikimedia category Motion blur. I wanted to photograph a continuous duration, rather than sequential sharp images as in Chronophotography as pioneered by Muybridge (see link at the bottom of the page) and others. Instead I wanted to record images that showed the full range of motion over time, not unlike the the Italian Futurists and in particular the photographer associated with the Italian Futurists, Anton Giulio Bragaglia.
The photos you see in this gallery were created over fifteen years using digital cameras starting in 1998. The imagery you see here was created with photographic effects and not with computer graphics. I did, however, tweak my photos using standard darkroom techniques to adjust contrast and brightness, for example.

Guitarists with motion-blur effects

Violinists with motion-blur effects

Various musicians with motion-blur effects

Candid photos of musicians with both areas of sharpness and motion-blur effects

Audience with motion-blur effects

"Camera Painting" photographs created by moving a camera for an extended time, over a light source

Candid portraits using motion blur effects

Experimental digital self-portraits

Candid slow shutter speed automobile & traffic shots handheld under available light.

Candid rodeo slow shutter speed panning shots under available light.

Candid figure study photographs shot under available light.

Early experimental digital self-portraits with a limited Casio QV-100 & a Sony Floppy Disk (FD) Mavica

Ferris Wheels with motion-blur effects

Roads at night with motion-blur effects

Early candid motion-blur digital photos of rave dancers

Experimental asynchronous digital still photographs made into animated GIF Cinemagraphs.
Shot in 1998 with an early lo-res fixed-lens Casio camera.

GIF animations depicting the four Greek elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire

Self-portaits: Experimental asynchronous digital still photographs made into animated GIF animations in 1998

1987 - Early experimental computer photography -- from the black and white photographs of figures by Eadweard Muybridge -- digitized and colorized using the Radio Shack Color Computer (CoC0) and software I wrote.

Early experimental computer photography in the 1990s -- digitized and colorized snowflakes from the black and white microscopic photographs of snow crystals by Wilson Bentley.