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  • ShouldBeSVG allows to quickly add the {{Convert to SVG}} template to file description pages.
  • FlagSense helps categorizing flags by aspect ratio and noticing vector versions.
  • Favicon.js replaces the normal Commons icon for the browser tab with a thumbnail of the current image, allowing you to get a quick view directly from your browser, even with many open tabs.
  • SaveDelay delays page saving (dafault: 7 seconds after clicking the 'Save' button).
  • TemplateLangUpdate automatically updates language links in templates that use AutoTranslate.
  • HiResThumbs replaces the low-resolution thumbs, generated by MediaWiki, with the corresponding full-resolution images, and the PNG thumbs of SVG files with the SVG images themselves.


  • derivativeJS
  • QInominator-2