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I'm Riley, a Commons administrator and bot operator from British Columbia, Canada. Feel free to talk to me using one of the contact options below. As a courtesy to others and for my own tracking, my on-going projects can be found here.

Babel information

en-ca-5This user is able to contribute with a professional level of Canadian English.
IRCThis user chats on Freenode:
Crystal Clear action run.svgThis user runs multiple bots, RileyBot and RyanBot. They perform tasks that are extremely tedious to do manually.
Commons Administrator.svgThis user is an administrator on Wikimedia Commons. (verify)

What do I do?

I'm mainly involved with patrolling new/added content and fixing it accordingly, helping with deletion requests and verifying permissions. In addition, I run RileyBot and RyanBot, automated accounts used for mass-cleanup. One of my other Wikimedia passions is helping new contributors create accounts, I've created 3,500 so far!

Admin statistics
Action Count
Edits 294280
Edits+Deleted 303668
Pages deleted 15196
Pages restored 142
Pages protected 320
Pages unprotected 5
Pages imported 4
Protections modified 8
Users blocked 725
Users reblocked 34
Users unblocked 18
User rights modified 160
Users created 1

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