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User:Rillke/Checklist for Request for Comments

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You would like to know the communities' opinion about a matter? You think an RfC would be appropriate?

RfC Checklist:

  • Do it step-by-step: Begin bringing issues and suggestions to the Village Pumps/ Forums to get an initial feeling about how people think about it.
  • It is important to not only ask the population of one language; other languages are spoken in other regions; people living in different regions often have a different worldview, are influenced by other religions and media, have a different style of life, thus their feeling what's right or wrong can substantially differ from yours. This is BTW what the Wikimedia Foundation often forgets.
  • If the community considers the issues and suggestions serve enough [„Simply not required“ is a commonly used reason for opposing a proposal], create a request for comment about what should be done against and properly explaining why these issues should be addressed and who would benefit from this suggestion. The more people are involved in creating the guideline, the more likely it is that it will be accepted. Or, if it is an existing page, not asking for oppose and support but about what should be improved.
  • Care for proper translation of your proposal before advertising the RfC in any way.
  • Don't use site notes [this just forces everyone to vote without careful reading] but instead notifying all local Village Pumps at Commons and the Administrator's noticeboard.
  • Make sure you've a lot of spare time during the RfC so you can improve it and reply to comments.
  • After you got the communities' input, consider creating new guidelines or changing existing ones based on it.