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User:Rillke/Technical file description policy

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This page specifies the minimum technical requirements for a valid file description page. If you uploaded your file after this policy was adopted, you have to comply with it. If you refuse to, Commons can't host these files.

Special markup is e.g. bold, a different than the default color, a special font, HTML markup and CSS attributes in general. Text that does not contain special markup only consists of text and wiki-internal links.

  1. Each file description page must have {{Information}} or a similar template from the Template:-namespace on it. A similar template provides at least the same information, uses the same layout and is technical compliant to {{Information}} (e.g. exposing at least all invisible machine readable data that {{Information}} does)
  2. The author and source fields of {{Information}} or the similar template must contain valid content.
  3. You must use the fields of {{Information}} or similar templates according to their documentation. (e.g. not placing author information into the description if it does not belong there)
  4. The author field must not contain fancy templates. There must not be any special markup in the author field. You accept that this text is used for generating attribution requirements for third parties. Therefore either choose it in a way you would like to be attributed or see next point. The Creator:-templates of notable persons are exempted from this rule.
  5. If you want to request different attribution from third parties than used in the author field, you have to use a license template that respects the |attribution=-parameter (e.g. {{Cc-by-sa-3.0}}) and set it accordingly. You must not pass any special markup to the |attribution=-parameter.
  6. You accept that leading, trailing and multiple whitespace characters may be removed from the attribution requirements. New lines may converted into a single or more space characters.
  7. Each file description page must have a valid, community approved license template. A valid license template exposes at least that invisible machine readable data that allows automated generation of attribution requirements for third parties.
  8. You do not include HTM that is able to confuse the tool generating the automated attribution by interfering with the classes or IDs used by the tool.
  9. This policy can be enforced by a bot.

Of course you are free placing your fancy custom templates somewhere else, preferably below the license template and {{Information}}.