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This user uploaded more than 60 k files, have tons of QI, VI and even some FP

Did a digitalisation of whole museum by himself, the photos of this museum was/are in use by several universities, including Stanford, a book cover of a Math book of Berkley professor..., spreading the Wikimedia Commons name. Helped at least four others, have 3 already other museums on hold, all scientific museums, that the sum of all accessible items overs 1 million subjects. Including holotypes, rare items, never digitalised scientific documents... almost none of this items have great or even poor quality photos.

All this museums have a great risk of security (fire, flooding, robbery,...), and no money at all to digitalise.

This user always advocated to Wikimedia Movement have a better look to Wikimedia Commons, and encourage several initiatives, including educational projects, that registered, not using a single penny of WMF, all the museums of the São Paulo city (one of the biggest in the world), and almost all monuments of the city. Provide several Wikimedia Commons, and educational photography in name of Commons, face to face workshops, and lectures, nationally and globally, with the intention of create a better pool of contributions.

However the Wikimedia Commons community decided to do not protect this volunteer against persecution, but empower the ones who those.