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  • There are banner templates for above the campaign
    • Before: One banner for saying the contest hasn't started yet (before template)
    • During: One banner for during the contest and welcoming the participants (during template)
    • After: One banner for after the contest saying that the contest is over, participants can't upload for the contest any more and that images are still welcome (after template)
    • No contest: One banner for the future for a year when a national team decides not to hold a Wiki Loves Earth
  • Thanks: There is a banner / text field that is shown when uploading is complete and can be used for saying thanks for participating and perhaps for what participants can do next. (thanks template)
  • File participation: There is a template for on the files saying that that file is part of Wiki Loves 2014 (already exists) (contest template)
  • ID: There is a template that can be used in a specific country (each country another template) which contains the unique ID of the subject. In Wiki Loves Monuments each monuments has its own ID, in Wiki Loves Earth a nature reserve/national park can have a unique identifier. This depends on the country. (identifier template)
  • ID label: If there is a identifier template, there is in the upload wizard a label field. This can contain "ID", but otherwise this is multilingual and a couple of label pages should be created.



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