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Greetings from Reykjavík! Вітання з Рейк'явіка! Kveðjur frá Reykjavík!
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Hello! Hei! Привіт! Sæll! Здраствуйте! Ciao! Hola! Czesc! Terve! Szia!

My name is Roman. I live in Reykjavik in Iceland (though I was born and grew up in Berezhany, western Ukraine) and I work primarily at Ukrainian wikipedia I am here often to upload pictures, that I often need for my articles in Ukrainian, especially for Ukrainian wikipedia portal Christianity or my articles related to different small places in western Ukraine (so my uploaded images are not of any particular artistic importance other than local familiarity - my hometown and vicinties). I have also uploaded some images of Iceland. I am an "archaic" conservative and in wikipedia, I have contributed with over 10.000 edits to Ukrainian wikipedia, writing mainly on subjects related to the traditional forms of Christianity, couple of hundreds articles ab. Orthodox / Catholic saints, Bible, but also history and dozens of articles on geography (of Iceland, India etc.)

Note that I am not a professional photographer (and not intending to be one) like many of you here (so I apologize for the quality of some of the nominated by me images - being totally new to FP nominations), though I have done 4 years of children art schooling.

I am an educated historian (MA, MPhil; I have specialized in Jewish history, Ukraine history and Medieval Ages, ab. 8 years of university studies: Uni. of Lviv in Ukraine, CEU Budapest, Uni. of Oslo). I am particularly interested in traditional christian spirituality (spiritual health, prayer, afterlife etc.).

I am also freetime artist. Some of my drawings I publish on wikimedia commons but mainly I share them on Deviantart page -


My contribution to Commons (ca. 1000 images mainly related to western Ukraine, Jewish topics and Orthodox icons and saints)