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I'm a Wiki user from California. I haven't been very involved in writing updating, or building wiki much, though.

As I have multiple wiki* accounts, you should probably consider the one at Wikipedia the "main" one.


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About me (personal)Edit

  • I'm 30something
  • I'm a computer nerd
  • I'm interested in a wide range of topics
  • I have varying policital views (ranging from far right, to far left)
  • I'm the most patient person I have ever met
  • I'm the most tolerant, intolerant person I've ever met (I have hard views on things, and tend to be an absolutist / literalist / extremist in my views, but extraordinarily tolerant in my expectations of others).
  • I was online back when I could type faster than my modem could transmit.
  • I'm quite familiar with operating servers, linux, windows, php, and other techie stuff.
  • I love open-source, and similar ideas.
  • I (almost) hate closed-source things, like Windows.
  • I strongly agree with, and support public domain, creative commons, open-source, GPL works.
  • I (in most cases) do not support copyright, patents, and the like.
  • I use Fedora Core (GNU/Linux) on all but one of my computers.
  • I'm philosophically opposed to questions like:
    Would you ever...
    Is it possible to...
    Is there any concievable way...
    ... as such questions have no meaningful answer (they're all "yes").
  • I'm really cynical sometimes, and getting worse.
  • I'm really a nice person, if you knew me, you'd probably see what I mean with the above, but think that I'm unfairly biasing others against me (and I am, I'd rather you think I'm a hard-ass, and then find out otherwise).

Contacting MeEdit

Good luck.

Seriously, I mean it. I have more accounts on more systems than I can think of off the top of my head. Please feel free to leave a message on my talk page here, or on one of the other wiki's that I have accounts at, however, seriously, I'm not very good at checking messages. Maybe you'll get lucky, maybe not.

If I've been editing recently, there's definately a better chance that I'll see your message, but it's also entirely possible I may not see it at all.

As a kind of example of the kind of lag you might get, I only check my personal email once every few months (the main one, the alternates, which I have hundreds, maybe once a year or longer), my snail-mail once a week (only to keep it from filling up, I don't actually read it but once very few months).

The only thing I actually check promptly is my cellphone voicemail, work email/tickets, and I'm not giving any of that out here. Even if you did get them: I'd probably ignore anything at work, as it's not work related -- I'd probably get pissed for anything personal, as I don't know you, and don't want people I don't know contacting me at personal accounts, phones, etc. (I'm a rabid anti-spam, anti-solicitation, anti-telemarketer kinda person)

Sorry, but that's just how it is.

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