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  1. w:sk:Lamia links to Category:Lamia [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-05-11T17:08:43Z; comment: exists as Lamia (Greece)
      2. page was deleted at 2010-01-08T09:17:25Z; comment: Empty category
  2. w:sk:Sonntag links to Category:Sonntag [Search]
  3. w:sk:Blagoevgrad (oblasť) links to Category:Blagoevgrad District [Search]
  4. w:sk:Kalmarská únia links to Category:Kalmar Union (1389-1523) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-02-13T13:42:19Z; comment: empty category
  5. w:sk:Brycke links to Category:Bryts'ke [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-11-27T06:33:41Z; comment: Moved to Category:Brytske‎.
  6. w:sk:Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing links to Category:Open Infrastructure for Network Computing [Search]
  7. w:sk:Rudersdorf (Burgenland) links to Category:Rudersdorf [Search]
  8. w:sk:Iwate (sopka) links to Category:Iwate [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2009-07-02T08:49:35Z; comment: (incorrectly named) duplicate of Category:Mt. Iwate
    • note: Iwate exists
  9. w:sk:Steve McQueen links to Category:Steve MecQueen [Search]
  10. w:sk:Arnoštov (Křišťanov) links to Category:Arnoštov [Search]
  11. w:sk:Madcon links to Madcon [Search]
  12. w:sk:Štátna cesta 2 (Albánsko) links to Rruga SH2 [Search]
  13. w:sk:Journey links to Journey [Search]
  14. w:sk:Koncentračný tábor Oranienburg links to KZ Oranienburg [Search]
  15. w:sk:Alphaville (hudobná skupina) links to Alphaville (band) [Search]
  16. w:sk:Dvojprúdový motor links to Turbofan engines [Search]
  17. w:sk:Turbodúchadlo links to Category:Turbocharged [Search]
  18. w:sk:Mária I. (Škótsko) links to Category:Mary I of Scotland [Search]
  19. w:sk:Dubník (vrch v Slanských vrchoch) links to Category:Dubník (vrch v Slanských vrchoch) [Search]
  20. w:sk:Optický hranol links to Category:Prism [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2008-12-23T13:15:02Z; comment: Empty category or gallery: content was: '{{Bad name|Category:Prisms}}'
    • note: Prism exists
  21. w:sk:Guadalajara (Mexiko) links to Category:Guadalajara, Jalisco [Search]
  22. w:sk:Almirante Tamandaré links to Category:Almirante Tamandare (Paraná) [Search]
  23. w:sk:Zack Ryder links to Category:Matthew Cordona [Search]
  24. w:sk:Publikum (obecenstvo) links to Category:Audience [Search]
  25. w:sk:Citroën Evasion links to Category:Evasion [Search]
  26. w:sk:Villeneuve-d’Entraunes links to Category:Villeneuve-d’Entraunes [Search]
  27. w:sk:Zapopan links to Category:Zapopan, Jalisco [Search]
  28. w:sk:Zoznam kultúrnych pamiatok v Nitre links to Category:Kanonie [Search]
  29. w:sk:Explorer 13 links to Category:Explorer 13 [Search]
  30. w:sk:Culebra links to Category:Culebra [Search]
  31. w:sk:Lando links to Lando [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-12-10T07:21:30Z; comment: Empty or single image gallery, please see Commons:Galleries
    • note: Category:Lando exists
  32. w:sk:Kbelnice (okres Jičín) links to Kbelnice (Jičín District)) [Search]
  33. w:sk:Turbomeca Arrius links to Turbomeca Arrius [Search]
  34. w:sk:São Gonçalo links to Category:São Gonçalo [Search]
  35. w:sk:Winston Churchill links to Category:Churchill, Winston [Search]
  36. w:sk:Mortefontaine links to Category:Mortefontaine [Search]
  37. w:sk:Stari Grad links to Category:Stari Grad [Search]
  38. w:sk:São Cristóvão links to Category:São Cristóvão [Search]
  39. w:sk:Európska vysielacia únia links to Category:European Broadcasting Union [Search]
  40. w:sk:Lietadlá Tatra links to Category:Tatra aircrafts [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-04-24T12:32:24Z; comment: Image page without media: content was: '{{move|Category:Tatra aircraft|No such word as aircrafts.|Commons:Categories for discussion/Current requests/2008/04/Category:Silhouettes of aircrafts}} *Aircraft Category:Aircraft manuf
  41. w:sk:Mahiľov links to Category:Category:Mahilyow [Search]
  42. w:sk:Kislovodsk links to Category:Category:Kislovodsk [Search]
  43. w:sk:Kontagiózne moluskum links to Category:Mollusco contagiosum [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-09-21T06:27:35Z; comment: Speedydelete
  44. w:sk:Michalovice (okres Havlíčkův Brod) links to Category:Michalovice [Search]
  45. w:sk:Setra S415HDH links to Setra S 415 HDH [Search]
  46. w:sk:Bravčové mäso links to Pork [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2012-12-28T08:52:38Z; comment: Empty or single image gallery; please see Commons:Galleries: content was: "<gallery> File:British Pork Cuts.svg</gallery> Pork" (and the only contributor was "")
    • note: Category:Pork exists
  47. w:sk:Formosa (argentínska provincia) links to Category:Formosa [Search]
  48. w:sk:Syðradalur links to Category:Syðradalur [Search]
  49. w:sk:Gourdon (Alpes-Maritimes) links to Category:Gourdon [Search]
  50. w:sk:Bexar County links to Category:BBexar County, Texas [Search]
  51. w:sk:Izabela Bourbonská links to Category:Élisabeth de France (1602-1644) [Search]
  52. w:sk:Tomislav I. links to Category:Tomislav of Croatia [Search]
  53. w:sk:Medzinárodná diaľková turistická trasa E8 links to Category:E8 European long distance path(Slovakia) [Search]
  54. w:sk:Sláčik links to Category:Bows (Music) [Search]
  55. w:sk:Primaciálne námestie links to Category:Primate's Square [Search]
  56. w:sk:Techelsberg am Wörther See links to Category:Techelsberg am Wörther See [Search]
  57. w:sk:Saint John’s links to Category:Saint John’s [Search]
  58. w:sk:Martin Tamaškovič links to Category:Martin Tamaškovič [Search]
  59. w:sk:Helmut Schmidt links to Category:Helmut Smidt [Search]
  60. w:sk:Týřov (národná prírodná rezervácia) links to Category:Týřov [Search]
  61. w:sk:Novoměstská radnice links to Category:New Town Hall [Search]
  62. w:sk:Zemplín (okres Trebišov) links to Zemplín (municipality) [Search]
  63. w:sk:Dobříš links to Category [Search]
    • 4 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2007-07-02T07:51:49Z; comment: content before blanking was: 'en:Black locustWood'
      2. page was deleted at 2007-02-21T13:48:18Z; comment: content was: 'Salamandroidea' (and the only contributor was User:Viridiflavus)
      3. page was deleted at 2007-01-18T18:35:18Z; comment: content was: '{{speedydelete|Creator says this page was a mistake, but didn't tag it properly}}A category I created to keep track of my uploads ...'
      4. page was deleted at 2005-12-23T19:58:00Z; comment: content was: '==Liste des Categorys==*Category:AnimationA COMPLETER' (and the only contributor was 'MG')
  64. w:sk:Chránené vtáčie územie Strážovské vrchy links to Chránené vtáčie územie Strážovské vrchy [Search]
  65. w:sk:Štátny znak Sovietskeho zväzu links to Coats of arms of the Soviet Union [Search]
  66. w:sk:Loftus Versfeld Stadium links to Loftus Versfeld [Search]
  67. w:sk:Toyota 86 links to Toyota 86 [Search]
  68. w:sk:Bystré sedlo (Vysoké Tatry) links to Bystre sedlo [Search]
  69. w:sk:Daniel Belluš (lekár) links to Category:Daniel Belluš [Search]
  70. w:sk:Ústna dutina links to Category:Mouth [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2012-02-16T12:08:08Z; comment: Moved to Category:Mouths.
    • note: Mouth exists
  71. w:sk:Čung-chuan čung-sin links to Category:The Center [Search]
  72. w:sk:Savy links to Category:Savy [Search]
  73. w:sk:Ozona links to Category:Ozona, Texas [Search]
  74. w:sk:Lupa links to Category:Magnifying glass [Search]
  75. w:sk:TatraCity links to Category:TatraCity [Search]
  76. w:sk:Muleshoe links to Category:Muleshoe, Texas [Search]
  77. w:sk:Nova (Maďarsko) links to Category:Category:Nova, Hungary [Search]
  78. w:sk:Abaliget links to Category:Abalige [Search]
  79. w:sk:Pohlavne prenosná choroba links to Category:Sexually transmitted disease [Search]
  80. w:sk:Saint-Martin-d’Entraunes links to Category:Saint-Martin-d’Entraunes [Search]
  81. w:sk:Program Venera links to Category:Venus Missions [Search]
  82. w:sk:Venera-5 links to Category:Venus Missions [Search]
  83. w:sk:Citroën C8 links to Category:C8 [Search]
  84. w:sk:Tallahassee links to Category:Tallahassee [Search]
  85. w:sk:Palanga links to Category:Category:Palanga [Search]
  86. w:sk:Ejlat links to Category:Ejlat [Search]
  87. w:sk:Mannsdorf an der Donau links to Mannsdorf an der Donau [Search]
  88. w:sk:Ford Cougar links to Ford Cougar [Search]
  89. w:sk:Szilárd Somogyi links to Category:Szilárd Somogyi [Search]
  90. w:sk:Bigfork (Montana) links to Category:Bigfork, MT [Search]
  91. w:sk:Chejlava (národná prírodná rezervácia) links to Category:Chejlava [Search]
  92. w:sk:Étalle (Belgicko) links to Category:Étalle [Search]
  93. w:sk:Praha (Brdy) links to Category:Praha (Brdy) [Search]
  94. w:sk:Klec links to Category:Klec (Jidnřichův Hradec District) [Search]
  95. w:sk:Skříněřov links to Category:Skříněřov [Search]
  96. w:sk:Bellegarde (Tarn) links to Category:Bellegarde [Search]
  97. w:sk:Maringá links to Category:Maringa (Paraná) [Search]
  98. w:sk:Winkel (Haut-Rhin) links to Category:PhilWinkel (Haut-Rhin) [Search]
  99. w:sk:Saint-Gobain links to Category:Saint-Gobain [Search]
  100. w:sk:Sochumi links to Category:Category:Sukhumi [Search]
  101. w:sk:Kostol svätého Kríža (Prešov) links to Category:Kostol svätého Kríža (Prešov) [Search]
  102. w:sk:Váhy (prístroj) links to Category:Weighing scale [Search]
  103. w:sk:Lech (Vorarlbersko) links to Category:Lech am Arlberg [Search]
  104. w:sk:Šiauliai links to Category:Šiaulia [Search]
  105. w:sk:Explorer 15 links to Category:Explorer 15 [Search]
  106. w:sk:Puškohľad links to Telescopic sights [Search]
  107. w:sk:Javorník (Šumava) links to Javorník Tower [Search]
  108. w:sk:Medzinárodné letisko Inčchon links to Incheon International Airport [Search]
  109. w:sk:Vodičský preukaz links to Driver's licence [Search]
  110. w:sk:Dragonette links to Dragonette [Search]
  111. w:sk:Výstup do otvoreného vesmíru links to Category:Extra-vehicular Activity [Search]
  112. w:sk:Pěkná links to Category:Pěkná [Search]
  113. w:sk:Chorvátsky dinár links to Category:Banknotes of Croatia, dinar [Search]
  114. w:sk:Marc-Vivien Foé links to Category:Category:Marc-Vivien Foé [Search]
  115. w:sk:Pula links to Category:Pula [Search]
  116. w:sk:Antiklinála links to Category:Anticline [Search]
  117. w:sk:Pernik (oblasť) links to Category:Pernik District [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-05T13:36:19Z; comment: Moved to Category:Pernik Province.Reason: Per English Wikipedia
  118. w:sk:Špitálska (Bratislava) links to Category:Špitálska [Search]
  119. w:sk:Canal du Centre (Belgicko) links to Category:Canal du Centre [Search]
  120. w:sk:Razgrad (oblasť) links to Category:Razgrad District [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-05T13:58:08Z; comment: Moved to Category:Razgrad Province.Reason: Per English Wikipedia
  121. w:sk:Boise links to Category:Boise, idaho [Search]
  122. w:sk:Rockport (Texas) links to Category:Rockport, Texas [Search]
  123. w:sk:SEAT Toledo links to SEAT Toledo [Search]
  124. w:sk:OutKast links to OutKast [Search]
  125. w:sk:BMW M1 links to BMW M1 [Search]
  126. w:sk:Cahuzac (Tarn) links to Category:Cahuzac [Search]
  127. w:sk:Travis links to Category:Travis [Search]
  128. w:sk:Muránsky hrad links to Category:Muransky hrad [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-03-30T17:41:12Z; comment: content was: '{{bad name|Muráň Castle}}'
  129. w:sk:Case-Pilote links to Category:Case-Pilote [Search]
  130. w:sk:Boa Vista (Roraima) links to Category:Boa Vista [Search]
  131. w:sk:Hohenau (Bavorsko) links to Category:Hohenau [Search]
  132. w:sk:Mattias Öhlund links to Category:Mattias Öhlund [Search]
  133. w:sk:Allmendingen links to Category:Allmendingen [Search]
  134. w:sk:Brens (Ain) links to Category:Brens [Search]
  135. w:sk:Brens (Tarn) links to Category:Brens [Search]
  136. w:sk:Hepatocelulárny karcinóm links to Category:Hepatocellular carcinoma [Search]
  137. w:sk:Saint-Jeannet (Alpes-Maritimes) links to Category:Saint-Jeannet [Search]
  138. w:sk:Seninka (okres Vsetín) links to Category:Seninka [Search]
  139. w:sk:Psychológia links to Category:Psychologys [Search]
  140. w:sk:Salt Lake City links to Category:Category:Salt Lake City [Search]
  141. w:sk:Mohelnice (okres Šumperk) links to Category:CategoryMohelnice [Search]
  142. w:sk:Joinville links to Category:Joinville (Santa Catarina) [Search]
  143. w:sk:Diktátor links to Category:Dictators [Search]
  144. w:sk:Derby Museum and Art Gallery links to Category:Category:Derby Museum and Art Gallery [Search]
  145. w:sk:Bezděz (hrad) links to Bezděz Castle [Search]
  146. w:sk:Ulug-beg links to Pages in category "Ulugh Beg" [Search]
  147. w:sk:Adolf Kašpar links to Category=Adolf Kašpar [Search]
  148. w:sk:Ostreľovačská puška links to Sniper rifles [Search]
  149. w:sk:Bašár al-Asad links to "Bashar al-Assad" [Search]
  150. w:sk:Collongues (Alpes-Maritimes) links to Category:Collongues [Search]
  151. w:sk:Tărgovište (oblasť) links to Category:Targovishte District [Search]
  152. w:sk:Karola Adlera links to Category:Karola Adlera [Search]
  153. w:sk:Hetzer links to Category:Category:Jagdpanzer 38(t) [Search]
  154. w:sk:Jasovsko-veľkokumánsko-solnocká župa links to Category:Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok County [Search]
  155. w:sk:Riad (jedlá) links to Category:Food equipment [Search]
  156. w:sk:Tchaj-šan links to Category:泰山 [Search]
  157. w:sk:Texingtal links to Category:Tenixgtal [Search]
  158. w:sk:Les Cabannes (Tarn) links to Category:Les Cabannes [Search]
  159. w:sk:Centre spatial guyanais links to Category:Centre spatial guyanais [Search]
  160. w:sk:Slunečná (Želnava) links to Category:Slunečná [Search]
  161. w:sk:Bohdanivka (Lypovecký rajón) links to Category:Bohdanivka (Lypovetskyi Raion) [Search]
  162. w:sk:Oldenburg links to Category:Oldenburg [Search]
  163. w:sk:Európska cesta 6 links to Catgory:E6 [Search]
  164. w:sk:Zámok Plessis-Bourré links to Château du Plessis-Bourré [Search]
  165. w:sk:Juno Reactor links to Juno Reactor [Search]
  166. w:sk:Ferrari 360 links to Ferrari 360 [Search]
  167. w:sk:Slovinská Wikipédia links to Slovenian Wikipedia [Search]
  168. w:sk:The Coca-Cola Company links to The Coca-Cola Company [Search]
  169. w:sk:Diaľnica A14 (Taliansko) links to Autostrada A14 Italia [Search]
  170. w:sk:Džoga Zanbíl links to Chogha Zanbil [Search]
  171. w:sk:Setra links to Setra [Search]
  172. w:sk:Medzinárodné letisko Olivera Tamba links to OR Tambo International Airport [Search]
  173. w:sk:Curtiss P-36 Hawk links to Category:Curtiss P-36 Hawk [Search]
  174. w:sk:Klimov GTD-350 links to Category:Klimov KTD-350 [Search]
  175. w:sk:Tromen links to Category:Tromen [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-01-29T22:59:34Z; comment: Moved to a better category.
  176. w:sk:Neuschwanstein links to Category:Schloss Neuschwanstein [Search]
  177. w:sk:Vyšný – Křišťanov links to Category:Vyšný - Křišťanov [Search]
  178. w:sk:Stará Ves (okres Přerov) links to Category:Stará Ves (Přerov) [Search]
  179. w:sk:La Gloire links to Category:French battleship La Gloire [Search]
  180. w:sk:Domoradice (Český Krumlov) links to Category:Domoradice [Search]
  181. w:sk:Rift links to Category:Rift [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-12-09T07:03:33Z; comment: Moved to Category:Rifts.
  182. w:sk:Açailândia links to Category:Açailândia (Maranhão) [Search]
  183. w:sk:Nakadžima A6M2-N links to Category:Nakajima A6M2-N [Search]
  184. w:sk:Junction links to Category:Junction, Texas [Search]
  185. w:sk:FN Minimi links to Category:Minimi [Search]
  186. w:sk:Saint-Gilles links to Category:Saint-Gilles [Search]
  187. w:sk:Pennsylvania Station links to Category:Pennsylvania Station [Search]
  188. w:sk:Place de la Concorde links to Category:Place de la Concorde [Search]
  189. w:sk:Ébersviller links to Category:Ebersviller [Search]
  190. w:sk:Ľuboš Blaha links to Category:Ľuboš Blaha [Search]
  191. w:sk:Gusuku links to Category:琉球王国のグスク及び関連遺産群 [Search]
  192. w:sk:Nissan 370Z links to Nissan 370Z [Search]
  193. w:sk:Vojtech Mihálik links to Vojtech Mihálik [Search]
  194. w:sk:Ferrari F430 links to Ferrari F430 [Search]
  195. w:sk:Napoleon II. links to Category:Napoleon II. [Search]
  196. w:sk:Fámjin links to Category:Famjín [Search]
  197. w:sk:Pralesnička drobná links to Category:Dendrobates pumilio [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2012-08-13T20:11:30Z; comment: empty+unknown
    • note: Dendrobates pumilio exists
  198. w:sk:San Bernardino (Kalifornia) links to Category:San Bernardino, Kalifornia [Search]
  199. w:sk:Ečmiadzin links to Category:Echmiatsin [Search]
  200. w:sk:Inocent X. links to Category:Inocenc X. [Search]
  201. w:sk:Square Jean-XXIII links to Category:Square Jean-XXIII [Search]
  202. w:sk:Aerobik links to Category:Aerobic [Search]
  203. w:sk:Gabrovo (oblasť) links to Category:Gabrovo District [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-05T14:11:11Z; comment: Moved to Category:Gabrovo Province.Reason: Per English Wikipedia
  204. w:sk:Jérémy Chardy links to Category:Jeremy Chardy [Search]
  205. w:sk:Poruba (okres Prievidza) links to Category:Poruba (Slovakia) [Search]
  206. w:sk:Nákladný automobil links to Category:Truck [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-08-30T19:45:06Z; comment: content was: '{{Category redirect|Trucks}}'
    • note: Truck exists
  207. w:sk:Cap-d’Ail links to Category:Cap-d’Ail [Search]
  208. w:sk:Edita Pfundtner links to Category:Edita Pfundtner [Search]
  209. w:sk:Železničná trať Zvolen – Košice links to Category:Railway line 160 (Slovakia) [Search]
  210. w:sk:Priatelia (seriál) links to Category:Friends (TV-show) [Search]
  211. w:sk:Liman (geografia) links to Liman [Search]
  212. w:sk:Západoeurópsky čas links to Western European Time [Search]
  213. w:sk:Keane links to Keane [Search]
  214. w:sk:Kosovský kokrháč links to Kosova Long Crowing Roster [Search]
  215. w:sk:Suraż links to Suraż [Search]
  216. w:sk:Lacaune (Tarn) links to Category:Lacaune [Search]
  217. w:sk:Angleton links to Category:Angleton, Texas [Search]
  218. w:sk:Nakš-i Rustam links to Category:Naghsh-e Rostam [Search]
  219. w:sk:Fitness links to Category:Upstream fitness [Search]
  220. w:sk:Letisko Londýn Luton links to Category:London Luton airport [Search]
  221. w:sk:Galatasaray SK links to Category:Galatasaray [Search]
  222. w:sk:Türk Telekom Arena links to Category:Galatasaray [Search]
  223. w:sk:Jutiapa (department) links to Category:Jutiapa [Search]
  224. w:sk:Dalešice (okres Jablonec nad Nisou) links to Category:Dalešice [Search]
  225. w:sk:Nízky Jeseník links to Category:Nízky Jeseník [Search]
  226. w:sk:Plauen (mesto) links to Plauen (mesto) [Search]
  227. w:sk:DFC Prag links to Cathegory:DFC Prag [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-07-04T22:33:47Z; comment: wrong namespace, renamed to Category:DFC Prag
  228. w:sk:UTC+2 links to Eastern European Time [Search]
  229. w:sk:Kid links to The Kid (1921 film) [Search]
  230. w:sk:Jeseter veľký links to Acipenser sturio [Search]
  231. w:sk:Ponte Buggianese links to CategoryPonte Buggianese [Search]
  232. w:sk:Zámok Žinkovy links to Žinkovy castle [Search]
  233. w:sk:Slanecký hrad links to Slanec Castle [Search]
  234. w:sk:Laco Novomeský links to Laco Novomeský [Search]
  235. w:sk:Suceava links to Suceava [Search]
  236. w:sk:Mníška links to Nuns [Search]
  237. w:sk:Anasaziovia links to Ancient pueblo people [Search]
  238. w:sk:Opel Sintra links to Opel Sintra [Search]
  239. w:sk:Retzbach links to Category:Retzbach [Search]
  240. w:sk:Senador Canedo links to Category:Senador Canedo [Search]
  241. w:sk:Larroque (Tarn) links to Category:Larroque [Search]
  242. w:sk:Južný Bug links to Category:PietinisBugas.png [Search]
  243. w:sk:Abergement-de-Varey links to Category:Abergement-de-Varey [Search]
  244. w:sk:Saint-Esprit links to Category:Saint-Esprit [Search]
  245. w:sk:Sandur links to Category:Sandur(Faroe Islands) [Search]
  246. w:sk:Pico da Neblina links to Category:Pico da Neblina [Search]
  247. w:sk:Čeľabinsk links to Category:Category:Chelyabinsk [Search]
  248. w:sk:Kamenný Most (okres Kladno) links to Category:Kamenný Most (okres Kladno) [Search]
  249. w:sk:Derby Silk Mill links to Category:Category:Derby Industrial Museum - Silk Mill [Search]
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  282. w:sk:Propriá links to Category:Propría [Search]
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  293. w:sk:Teleobjektív links to Telephoto lenses [Search]
  294. w:sk:Mohelnice (okres Šumperk) links to CategoryMohelnice [Search]
  295. w:sk:Bílé Poličany links to Bílé Poličany [Search]
  296. w:sk:Diaľnica A1 (Rumunsko) links to Category:A1 motorway in Romania [Search]
  297. w:sk:Karel Kramář links to Category:Karel Kramářa [Search]
  298. w:sk:Hankovce (okres Humenné) links to Category:Hankovce, Humenné District [Search]
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  300. w:sk:I. obvod (Budapešť) links to Category:Budapest 01 [Search]
  301. w:sk:II. obvod (Budapešť) links to Category:Budapest 02 [Search]
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  337. w:sk:Daft Punk links to Daft Punk [Search]
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  341. w:sk:Santo Antônio do Descoberto links to Category:Santo Antônio do Descoberto [Search]
  342. w:sk:Zoznam chránených území v okrese Beroun links to Category:Karlštejn (národní přírodní rezervace) [Search]
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  351. w:sk:Plechý links to Category:Plechý [Search]
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  354. w:sk:Saint-Raphaël links to Category:Saint-Raphaël (Var [Search]
  355. w:sk:Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor links to Category:Pont de Solferino [Search]
  356. w:sk:Le Broc (Alpes-Maritimes) links to Category:Le Broc [Search]
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  360. w:sk:Róbert I. z Artois links to Robert I of Artois [Search]
  361. w:sk:Rekonq links to Rekonq [Search]
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  363. w:sk:New Ulm (Minnesota) links to New Ulm, Minnesota [Search]
  364. w:sk:Sevilla FC links to Sevilla FC [Search]
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  376. w:sk:Djeravica links to Djeravica [Search]
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  378. w:sk:Jiří z Poděbrad links to Category:George of Podebrady [Search]
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  381. w:sk:Neues Rathaus (Kiel) links to Category:Category:Town hall of Kiel [Search]
  382. w:sk:Sankt Anton am Arlberg links to Category:St. Anton am Arlberg [Search]
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  388. w:sk:Aspen links to Aspen, Colorado [Search]
  389. w:sk:Altenmarkt im Pongau links to Altenmarkt im Pongau [Search]
  390. w:sk:Osemvalcový vidlicový motor links to V8 automobile engines [Search]
  391. w:sk:Priesmyk links to Mountain passes [Search]
  392. w:sk:Tichá dolina (Západné Tatry) links to Tichá dolina [Search]
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  396. w:sk:Eyjafjallajökull (sopka) links to Category:Category:Eyjafjallajökull [Search]
  397. w:sk:Albuquerque links to Category:Albuquerque, Nové Mexiko [Search]
  398. w:sk:Červona Zirka (Lypovecký rajón) links to Category:Chervona Zirka (Lypovetskyi Raion) [Search]
  399. w:sk:Meridian (Texas) links to Category:Meridian, Texas [Search]
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  401. w:sk:Krásný Les (okres Liberec) links to Category:Krásný Les [Search]
  402. w:sk:Curitiba links to Category:Curitiba (Paraná) [Search]
  403. w:sk:Pelayo links to Category:Pelayo I of Asturies [Search]
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  416. w:sk:Lünen links to Lünen [Search]
  417. w:sk:Stadium Australia links to Stadium Australia (Telstra, ANZ) [Search]
  418. w:sk:ENAER T-35 Pillán links to ENAER T-35 Pillán [Search]
  419. w:sk:Kolok rhônsky links to Zingel asper [Search]
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  429. w:sk:Katedrála v Roskilde links to Category:Roskilde domkirke [Search]
  430. w:sk:Hipoterapia links to Category:Equine Assisted Therapy [Search]
  431. w:sk:Orgnac-sur-Vézère links to Category:Orgnac-sur-Vézère (Corrèze) [Search]
  432. w:sk:Doprava vo Vysokých Tatrách links to Category:Transport in High Tatra [Search]
  433. w:sk:Vasilij Ivanovič Surikov links to Category:Василий Иванович Суриков [Search]
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  436. w:sk:Wilhering links to Category:Sankt Wilhering [Search]
  437. w:sk:Honda S2000 links to Honda S2000 [Search]
  438. w:sk:Sangiran links to Sangiran [Search]
  439. w:sk:Diaľnica A7 (Rakúsko) links to Mühlkreis Autobahn A7 [Search]
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  447. w:sk:Pravoslávny chrám svätých Cyrila a Metoda links to Category:Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius (Prague) [Search]
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  455. w:sk:RDS-1 links to Category:RDS-1 [Search]
  456. w:sk:Majstrovstvá sveta v rely 2011 links to 2011 in World Rally Championship [Search]
  457. w:sk:Ford Probe links to Ford Probe [Search]
  458. w:sk:Rozhľadňa (vrch) links to Category:Rozhľadňa (vrch) [Search]
  459. w:sk:Medzinárodná námorná vlajková abeceda links to Category:Category:International Code of Signals [Search]
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  461. w:sk:Madness links to Category:Madness [Search]
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  463. w:sk:Vysokoškolské mesto Ľ. Štúra – Mlyny UK links to Category:Mlyny [Search]
  464. w:sk:Cracovia Business Center links to Category:Business Center Club [Search]
  465. w:sk:Fredrik Modin links to Category:Fredrik Modin [Search]
  466. w:sk:Félix III. (pápež v 5. storočí) links to Category:Felix III. [Search]
  467. w:sk:Žiloj dom na Kotelničeskoj naberežnoj links to Category:Category:Skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya naberezhnaya [Search]
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  470. w:sk:Kamenný Újezd (okres Rokycany) links to Category:Kamenný újezd (Rokycany District) [Search]
  471. w:sk:Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno links to Category:Theodor Ludwig Wiesengrund Adorno [Search]
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