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Joined 3 August 2010

Scott Schaefer Overview

I have been an avid reader/user of Wikipedia since late 2007 and visit often, initially to broaden my knowledge base but increasingly as a technical resource.

Activity as Wikipedia user

My first activity on Wikipedia was in November 2009 when I edited the article on Plano, Texas. My first editing activity of any real substance was in November, 2010 when I edited the Wikipedia article about John Stossel, which I edited because the article was out of date. Until then, I had been reluctant to edit, alter or create pages in order to give myself adequate time to become familiar with the myriad rules and policies which govern the site; and to make certain my contributions had a neutral stance, as I typically have very strong opinions about subjects in which I am interested.

Scott Schaefer as an Author

I have recently embarked on Career 2.0 and have found that I very much enjoy writing. After developing my own wiki site, I have also discovered that I very much enjoy the creation and editing of wiki articles. I fully expect to begin contributing more actively to Wikipedia.