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When thinking of perspective correction I got to the idea, that it should have look like on the paintings of old masters. They view of world was not spoiled by any perspective distortion other that their's eyes' distortion. Therefor what they painted was natural. Although there exist a possibility that it was idealised view of world. Pictures I want to show on this page are mainly veduta painters work.

Notice that some of reproductions might be tilted, or even distorted ...

Giovanni Antonio Canal, il Canaletto - Regatta on the Canale Grande - WGA03904.jpg
Jan van der Heyden - View of a location in Cologne.jpg Bellotto Miodowa Street in Warsaw.jpg
Jan van der Heyden - View of Oudezijds Voorburgwal with the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam.jpg Canaletto (I) 036.jpg
Canaletto (I) 012.jpg Canaletto (I) 005.jpg
Bellotto Church of the Holy Cross in Warsaw.jpg Canaletto (I) 068.jpg
Rudolf Ritter von Alt 001.jpg Rudolf Ritter von Alt 006.jpg
Rudolf von Alt Palais Ferstel.jpg CANALETTO - Entrance to the Grand Canal; Looking East (1744).jpg
Francesco Guardi 022.jpg Francesco Guardi 004.jpg
Francesco Guardi 039.jpg Francesco Guardi 041.jpg
Giovanni Paolo Pannini - The Piazza and Church of Santa Maria Maggiore.jpg Capriccio with a view of Mereworth Castle, Kent.jpg