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Welcome to my userpage. Besides English I also understand a bit French and Russian. Please respect that I may reply in English if you have an understanding in English. If not I try my best.

I take pictures to document what I see. I try to have my photos represent what I see unless stated otherwise. Here you can see what Equipment I'm using.

My editing is usually uploading photos of different landscapes and architecture, as well as reviewing image licenses. I try to patrol and revert nonsense edits, plus tag copyvios and out of scope images for deletion when I have the time. You can also find me around Valued Images and the QI Recently Promoted category as well as trying to do what I can in PD images needing review.

My pictures are licensed CC BY-SA and I ask that you please respect that. If you would like to use one of them under a different license please get in touch. Most of images that I upload here also have a RAW version and if you would like it to improve it for commons or for any other reason please drop me a note.

Some PhotosEdit

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QI Link----VI Submission Link----VI Review Link----VI Criteria Link----FI Review Link----QI Recently Promoted---- Deletion policy----How to detect copyright violations----Commons Message Templates----Polling Templates

  • Flickr PD Images Needing Review [here]
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