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Aintab self defense force (1915) 1911. Ayntab church choir Adana city panorama before 1909 massacres Antranig Pasha An Armenian woman in slavery after the genocide bears Thistles to fuel home. (From Karen Jeppe's images on the archive in Gylling) via Mogens Højmark. Armenian girls rescued from Muslim captivity. The banner says We are sisters in sorrow Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia Hetumid infantry soldier Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia Lusinyan dynasty-era soldiers Armenian women fedayi (if up add background) Armenian orphans in Iraq rescued by British troops Aurora Mardiganian Arshaluys Mardiganian Auroa Mardiganian with Irving Cummings as Andranik Artsakh horse (if not already) August 17, 1907 - Komitas Vartabed and Arshag Chobanian in Gevrek summer house Buildings of the Catholicosate of Cilicia in Sis fedayi women in color Four Armenian women who have arrived to the rescue home after having been in slavery. Between 1921 and 1928. (Karen Jeppe's glass plates, the archive in Gylling) via Mogens Højmark. Folk dancers celebrating Armenian Independence Day (May 28, 1918) in Erevan Courtesy Azarian Churukian great quality Nzhdeh suit pic Hethum II (if not already) Keri Kesaria a grandmother and grandson 1896 Lawrence of Arabia about Armenians Matild Manoukyan Matild Manukyan Missak Manouchian in 1940. From the Main foreign Work FTP-MOI Mousheghik, from the village of Dizi of Van province, showing the holes in his hands after he was crucified, 1915 (if not already) Nartex of the 10th century Church of St. Mary of the Sanahin Monastery. Early 20th century photo. (if not already) Nzhdeh Andranik Balkan War Nzhdeh pic with possible Armenian politicans Syunik rider, historic restoration (if not already) The volunteer who fought in the Russian Army for the Liberation of Armenia Persian yoke 1828-29tt. Vardan Pasha Zakare II. Portrait of Zakare II, by a descendant of the Zakarians, Rudolf Arghutyan

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