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Dear Shi and Platonides,

Shi: Thanks for your email. We looked into your script and yes, you can continue using this bot to check the copyright of new images being submitted to Wikimedia.

Platonides: I wanted to put you in touch with Shi (please see his email below).

Shi, Platonides is an administrator of Wikimedia Commons who contacted us several months ago for a similar reason. Platonides created a plugin to search incoming Wikimedia images using TinEye. Perhaps the two of you would like to collaborate in your efforts to review images being submitted to Wikimedia Commons?

Thanks for contacting us, and I hope TinEye is useful in your efforts!

Kindly, Melina

P.S. Keep an eye open for a TinEye API coming out in the near future. Release information is posted as it occurs, on our 'What's New' page here: