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This page shows all road signs in Indonesia, according to Permenhub 13 2014 by the Ministry of Transportation (Indonesia).

Warning signsEdit

Series 1: Horizontal alignment change signsEdit

Series 4: Traffic management warning signsEdit

a. Signal signsEdit

b. Priority junction signsEdit

Series 6. Warning signs aside from motorized trafficEdit

Prohibitory signsEdit

Series 1: Passing without stopping prohibition signsEdit

Series 2: No entry signsEdit

a. No entry for both motorized and non-motorized vehiclesEdit

Series 3: Parking and stopping prohibition signsEdit

Series 4: Movement prohibition signsEdit

Mandatory signsEdit

Series 2: Optional direction signsEdit

Series 3: Traffic obstruction mandatory signsEdit

Series 6: Lane/Path and special lane signsEdit

a. Lane and motorized vehicle lane usage signsEdit

b. Path and non-motorized vehicle lane usage signsEdit

Guide signsEdit

Series 1: Advance destination signsEdit

Series 4: Toll road signsEdit