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My name is Wladyslaw (born 1975), I am contributing to Wikipedia and related projects since August 2004. I have photographed years ago with an analog single-lens reflex camera (Fujica) and started 2004 with digital photography. As I realized that my compact camera does not fit my rising pretensions any more I have changed 2006 to a digital SLR. Currently I am using Nikon D850/D800.

• Here you can find detailed information about my equipment.

I like to photograph architecture, city-skylines and landscapes. Many of my buildings I picture are towers in all variations, e.g. bell towers of churches or television towers. But I am interesting in architecture in general starting at historical buildings and going to modern architecture. I am very interested in brutalist architecture and fascinated about the combination of concrete and steel.

For me it's charming and a nice challenge to detect interesting view points even of well-known buildings or landscapes and to show a new angle of vision as possible. And although I have contributed far more than 5000 picture to this project my ideas for new pictures and motives does not end. There is a lot of work still waiting to have been done. ;-)

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Window at motorway bridge, Pratteln, SwitzerlandMuseum of Civilisation, Gatineau, CanadaCN Tower, Toronto, Canada
Ötlingen, Germany
CN Tower, Toronto, CanadaStatue at Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, CanadaEiffel tower, Paris, France

More of my work: Gallery, FPs Featured pictures link=Commons:Featured pictures, QIs Quality images link=Commons:Quality images, VIs Valued images link=Commons:Valued images