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I have been doing my best to contribute to Wikimedia since November 2013.

I also have a YouTube channel called The Nature Box.

          Using work released under a Share Alike Creative Commons license on YouTube

I have done quite a bit of research on whether or not it is OK to use work released under a Share Alike Creative Commons license (such as CC-BY SA 3.0) on YouTube, under a standard YouTube license. I believe it is OK, when sharing the original work. The reason is as follows:

  • CC-BY 3.0 licensed work can, without doubt, be shared on YouTube under a standard YouTube license. Kevin MacLeod's CC-BY 3.0 licensed work is one example of that. Note that on his website it says "YouTube's licenses are not related to licenses offered on this site" (meaning Kevin MacLeod's site, and CC-BY 3.0.) [1]
  • CC-BY 3.0 and CC-BY SA 3.0 are identical licenses, except for the part relating to derivative work, which the license calls an “Adaptation”. With the exception of songs used in video, the Share Alike section of Share Alike licenses applies only to derivative works. These are produced when the original work has been remixed, transformed, and built upon. Verbatim, or unaltered copies, are not derivative works. They are simply copies. And as long you comply with the other terms of the license (attribution etc.) you can make exact copies of an SA-licensed work without applying an SA license to the work in which it is used.
  • Sharing CC-BY SA work under YouTube’s CC license does not work well because YouTube’s CC license is CC-BY 3.0. [2]
  • I believe that there is no problem, either legally or indeed morally, with posting unchanged copies of work with a Share Alike license on YouTube. After all, the whole purpose of Creative Commons, the spirit of it, is to have work shared by others and made widely known to others.

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