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An alumnus of Penn State University with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering, I am currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Civil Engineering and Urban Planning at the University of Maryland. I am employed as a transport engineering consultant. My professional interests focus primarily on traffic engineering, transportation planning and urban planning, smart growth, and emergency response.

I have been involved with the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), Traffic International (TI), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and the American Planning Association (APA). As a part of ASCE, I have competed with Concrete Canoe.

Past and current jobs include being a hospital volunteer, a saboteur of Wal*Mart, a cart pusher / boxer at Henry Schein, a library gardener, a commercial janitor, a chef at Tully's, a civil engineering intern, an auxiliary police officer, a traffic engineer, an emergency responder, and an aspiring emperor of Earth.


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I am a dual-citizen of both the United States and Italy. I have strong ties to Lancaster County and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as well as Long Beach Island, New Jersey. I was largely raised a Mennonite, though I have my own personal beliefs that include aspects of nearly every major religion (they're all pretty much the same, anyway). I have both Synesthesia and hereditary spherocytosis, which may explain my infatuation with spheres.

As far as my genealogical research has found, I am:


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Primarily interested in travel, languages, cultures, religions, politics, history, genealogy, dogs, squirrels, cars, cello, movies, games, firearms, war, military, fire, vigilantism, law enforcement, architecture, flight, aeronautics, space, and gemstones.

Athletic interests include hockey, rugby, broomball, rock climbing, archery, skiing, snowboarding, tree climbing, water polo, martial arts, crew, canoeing, kayaking, volleyball, bocce, paintball, laser tag, and Manhunt.


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