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User:Timm Weitkamp/Acknowledgment

Acknowledgment text for my materialEdit

As laid down in the license text for the files that I upload on Wikimedia Commons, every time you present or re-distribute my material or derivatives thereof, I require that you acknowledge me as the author of the original material. This acknowledgment, or "author attribution" in the terms of the Creative Commons license, is important for me, so I kindly ask you to respect these guidelines.

  • What text should the author attribution contain?
    • The acknowledgment should contain my name. As a minimum wording, you could use "Image: T. Weitkamp."
    • If you use an image in a presentation or article aimed at a scientific audience, and if the description of that image contains a reference to a scientific article, then the acknowledgment should also contain a reference to the article.
  • Where should the author attribution be placed?
    • When you use an image on a web page, the acknowledgement should be placed next to the image (or be part of the image) and clearly visible. Here is an example where this is well done.
    • When you use images in a figure for an article or in a book, the acknowledgment should be contained in the figure caption.
    • When you use images in a presentation, the acknowledgment should be on the same slide as the image(s), as close as possible to the image.
    • I've seen one case where a company used one of my images to make their logo. In this case or similar cases, it is okay to acknowledge me somewhere on the homepage.

Thank you, and have fun!