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Picture of a man holding a kitty cat.
Tom Sulcer (moi) holding a kitty cat in Maraetai (muh-RYE-TYE) Beach, a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. This kitty was unfortunately in the Christchurch earthquake recently, and I don't know if it is okay.


Who wrote thisEdit

I wrote this. My name is tom sulcer. I'm a handyman in New Jersey. I fix stuff.

Feel free to write me a message on the talk page. Better to write on my Wikipedia talk page. I check it more often than Wikimedia Commons. My current camera is my Samsung J7 smartphone, but in the past, I've taken photos with a Kodak EasyShare C160 camera, then a Sony camera.

What amazing new photos I have addedEdit

Amazing? Well. I'm a point-and-click type of guy. But hey I'll take credit when my idiot-proof camera takes great shots. Here are my latest photos. Here are my handyman photos. Plus I am learning how to use image manipulation programs like Sumo Paint to make free public domain images to try to counteract the dearth of images from copyrighted media such as Star Wars and Star Trek.

A revampEdit

An example of a recent revamp of a Wikipedia article. The Wikipedia article on Self publishing -- before my revamp (225 pageviews per day) and after my revamp (271 pageviews per day). From about 20K bytes before October 30, 2017 to 121K as of the beginning of 2018.[1]

Bored? Check out my videosEdit

Wikipedia may not yet have an article on How to cure boredom but please don't despair -- you can watch even more boring videos to make it seem as if what had bored you previously was not so boring after all. May I suggest...?

Note: I plan to make videos to illustrate the main ideas in my terrorism prevention solution Common Sense II so people can get the gist in a jiffy.

Stuff I writeEdit

My hobby is writing in Wikipedia, plus I have two books so far:

My contributions to Wikipedia have taught me a great deal, which enables me to write stuff like this...

  • Common Sense II: How citizens can understand, fight and prevent terrorism is a serious essay, not fun, geared to people who care about US politics. It is a grand strategy which really prevents terrorism, especially its most dangerous forms, but it is not recommended for light reading. If a Wikipedian reading this would like a paperback copy at cost, email me, and I'll try to find a way to get it to you.
  • Jakk's Journey, a fun romp about a high school senior who builds a spaceship, flies to Betelgeuse, meets sexy aliens, and learns how to become a human from the aliens. This one is getting great write-ups and may get made into a movie someday (as of March 2017, I've had two "nibbles" from literary agents and moviemakers). It is a goofy novel with a powerful theory in it, one that is fresh, that nobody knows about yet, namely, the problem of fate -- if everything is determined, then how can humans have free will? I propose a possible solution to this puzzle which I think (and a philosopher agrees with me on this) is right -- it's in Jakk's Journey. Here are a few images related to the story...
  • How to be a human -- a non-fiction self-help book outlining the basic ideas about how humans can survive and thrive, with insights from psychology and philosophy. I hope to have it finished by December 2016. (in progress)
  • Americaid -- fiction, an Irish woman cavorts about Europe in the 18th century, desperately searching for her husband, en route to America where she helps write the constitution. (in progress)

Idea to improve Wikimedia CommonsEdit

Isn't this a cool picture? It happened after the freak October snowstorm in New Jersey when the leaves were still on the trees. It brought down powerlines but hey -- isn't this cool? What's instructive is that I'm only an amateur photographer -- no training except for listening to a brief tutorial years back -- so how does this beauty come about? Because the cameras are getting better and better, and I happened to be in the right place at the right time.

In Wikipedia, there are essentially two channels -- a public one, namely articlespace which any Internet user can easily access, and an internal backchannel semi-public space which is much harder for the public to find, where Wikipedians can discuss article improvements, leave messages to each other, and so forth, including talk pages, user pages, Wikipedia "how-to" pages and such. In Wikimedia Commons, however, all images are essentially public -- one big undiversified public pool. There are times when I'd like to share images, photos, drawings, cartoons only with the Wikimedia community, like having a backchannel picture place for images intended only for us Wikipedian contributors without putting them in the public pool. A variant would be letting users post a picture with a fixed time limit duration, such as a day or week, so the picture naturally expired after that period. It would help facilitate communication between Wikipedians and make this place more enjoyable. Images are a medium of communication. We might get more artists and cartoonists contributing here if there was such a capability.

My current and future knolsEdit

I photographed these two beauties cuddling on a rock looking kissably cute; not a good idea, however; they may be either feisty or poisonous or both.
Sunset in my town.
A diverter valve about to be added.
Note: Google shut down its amazing Knol service but check out my Wikipedia page for links to my writings. Or, people can email me at thomaswrightsulcer (at) yahoo (dot) com to request text copies of articles.

These are my POV-oriented writings which contain stuff that generally doesn't belong in Wikipedia. Most of the pictures in them are public domain in case users here would like them. When there are pictures inside these knols, they're almost always public domain too -- if it looks like I took the picture -- feel free to use them for projects (the other pictures may already be in the Commons).

  • Mentally healthy mind (ie positive psychology) This was my hottest knol getting about 80 readers each week until Knol shut down. It can be found on Wordpress without the photos or email me and I may be able to send a text copy. It's growing into a book almost. It's advice about life. I really wish I had known this stuff when I was 21.
  • History of citizenship in the United States -- This began on Wikipedia, moved to Citizendium, but was deleted in Wikipedia (contentious subject). So I restored the full version, plus added stuff, so right now it's the best on the web on this topic. It's my guess about why Americans don't participate in politics, and what caused this. I'm still learning. I wrote History of citizenship in Wikipedia and it gets about 100 pageviews/day, probably mostly students I bet.
  • How to prevent violence This is how the citizens of the United States can prevent messes such as the Boston Marathon bombing, snipers, pretty much all sorts of violence, but be advised it is controversial, requiring new thinking about rights, privacy, citizenship; it is an updated version of Common Sense II. I generally do not think Americans are ready for this yet but it is increasingly getting attention nevertheless.
  • Why women are beautiful (problem is, haven't figured this out yet). So, I didn't write it.
  • Dating and mating in the twenty tens -- Frank advice for heterosexual men and women seeking love. This one is hot too -- readership is really picking up. I can email a copy without the photos and diagrams if interested.
  • An American's perspective on New Zealand -- Travel account.
  • Philosophy of Spinoza: An introduction. Snooze. Boring. Zzzzzzz. Not my most popular piece.
  • Fifteenth Reunion -- an original screenplay free for people to look at. It has mild sexual and language content; younger readers please avoid. A romantic comedy. It would be cool if a high school or college drama group did my screenplay. I give my permission for groups to use it for small-scale productions, if interested.
  • Screenplay saga "Americaiad". Work in progress. Themes => America + Spinoza + Aeneid. Heroine is "Kate", an Irish woman who travels Odysseus-like to get back to her family in America and help write the Constitution. That sort of thing. She'll have a guitar bow for singing as well as letting arrows fly at the bad guys! This is on hold for the moment.
  • Screenplay "Polar Planet". Outline written. Sexual science fiction. I mapped out the idea, but when I started writing it, it sounded boring and formulaic; so right now it's on hold unless I can make it feel fresh somehow. I ditched this.
  • Jakk's Journey. This is my current project, a high-schooler flies to Betelgeuse and encounters sexy aliens! Hopefully this will be my most fun-to-read piece, hopefully ready by June or this summer. If interested in seeing an early draft, write me via email. On second draft as of July 2013. Finished. Published 2016.
Tree after an overnight snowfall, in early morning light.
  • Stair Repair -- A handyman project fixing a stair. It's a public domain document, including pictures; feel free to use them for handyman-related articles.
  • Handyman project: mortaring bricks to seal out rain -- Pictures and text are public domain; feel free to use them for handyman-related articles if interested.

My contributions at WikipediaEdit

Winter sky in New Jersey.

Click on the following link to see my latest Wikipedia contributions. I like to revamp popular yet needing-attention articles (50 to 1000 pageviews per day) and spruce them up. A few of my past revamps are:

United States Congress -- 5000 readers per day.

Wall Street -- 2500 readers per day.

Dating -- 1500 readers per day.

Rodney Bingenheimer -- Interesting personality. 300 readers per day (but spikes at times).

Two-party system -- 500 readers per day.

Lake Erie -- first time I've done a lake. 1000 readers per day.

Man cave -- 300 readers per day.

Equal opportunity -- 800/day weekdays

History of citizenship -- 100 day; wrote from scratch

Big History -- 250/day

... many others...

These were major expansions. What's cool is that perhaps a million people have read stuff I've written, although they may not know it was me. :)

Advice for revampers: query people on the talk page first about what they'd like; do a thorough newspaper & magazine search with lots of references; write offline, port it to a sandbox; invite reviews on the article's talk page to comment on the sandbox version; last, swap it in.

Plus I've started numerous articles, including Karyn Marshall (100+ readers per day) and Citizenship in the United States (300 readers per day).

Biographies. I like to write about folks with unusual occupations. If you have ideas of people to create Wikipedia articles for, please click on my talk page on Wikipedia.

My interests. Lots of stuff. Sorry, don't know much.

Music. I've worked on articles such as David Wilcox, Jonatha Brooke, Mountain Man, and others. I play guitar.

Handyman stuff. I've been fingerwagged by folks wondering why I write about what I know nothing about and not what I do know about like handyman stuff. Why am I writing about Lake Erie -- they say: you've never been to Lake Erie (true; never been). Why not write about mortar? Sheesh. Okay, okay. I'm trying to contribute more pictures, tips and tool information. Maybe it will keep some homeowner from chopping off a finger. In spring, my handyman business picks up, and I'll try to take pictures when relevant, and post them here in case they'll be helpful.

My politicsEdit

A drip sandcastle I built.
Sunrise in August over the Atlantic Ocean in Wildwood, New Jersey.

I'm non-partisan. I don't vote for Republicans. I don't vote for Democrats. I call for serious structural reform of the United States Constitution via a Constitutional Convention, but I realize this is extremely unlikely to happen. On Wikipedia, I'll write about all types -- conservatives, liberals, radicals, activists, Democrats, Republicans, and I try to be fair to all of them. For example, I wrote about conservative hard-liner Heather Mac Donald as well as liberal activists such as David Sirota and Ted Nace. Earlier in my life, I was highly socialist; later, highly capitalist. Why did my thinking shift? I don't know. I know how both worldviews think. I could have wonderful arguments with myself. There are strong points to each side. Today, I'm non-partisan. Studying politics, reading, working through philosophy --> these things helped me become non-partisan. IF you find yourself being highly charged ideologically, having long political battles with people that seem to go nowhere, arguments that don't persuade, arguments providing much heat but little light, arguments that afterwards leave you feeling heated-up and angry and wondering why is everybody else so stupid? And, if you don't like feeling this way, THEN: read the first chapter or so of Thomas Sowell's A Conflict of Visions. You'll see what I mean.

Update (2017). I'm increasingly supporting those in the Democratic party as a result of the 2016 election, although as always, I'll try to remain unbiased in my Wikipedia contributions.

Useful placesEdit

References and notesEdit

  1. Note: statistics are from pageviews analysis based on a 90-day period before October 30 2017, to the period of November 1 2017 to January 10 2018 -- comparing the daily averages of both groups.-- tws