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My name is Krzysztof Golik and I was born in Poland, but I live in France. I'm a cook in Rodez in the Massif Central. I have a passion for travelling, photography, botany and of course for editing Wikipedia. On Wikimedia Commons I mostly add photos of the places where I have been and images of plant species.

My first camera (Sony Cyber-shot) I won in a geographic competition during college. Some time later he broke down and I had to buy another camera. The choice fell on digital compact camera of brand Olympus (VR310,D720). In July 2014 I lost it... it mean, I left it on the roof of the car. After driving 100 km I noticed with surprise that he is no longer there. Then I decided it was time for a SLR camera. I choose the Nikon D3300, which I have to this day. Initially, I took photos in automatic mode. Only from spring 2017 I started using manual mode. Since then I have noticed the progress in my photography, although I still have to learn a lot. I enjoy photographing everything that doesn't moves :)

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