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 "Money’s the cheapest thing. Liberty and freedom is the most expensive"...New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham, 1982 ' 
Alcatraz from the North: Dec 15 2015  Ying
Alcatraz from the North: Dec 15 2015 Ying
A Cattleya from my collection
Cattleya cultivar, from my collection

D Ramey Logan is a professional TV, Documentary, & Film producer as well as a International Architectural & Aerial Photographer who hold's a Single and Multi Engine certification as a private aircraft Pilot and FAA part 107 Commercially Certified Unmanned Aerial System Pilot. I am also considered to be an avid Yachtsman.

Much of my aerial work has been from a Cessna 172 & Cessna 172 RG as well as a Cessna 182. I am currently developing high altitude photographic technique's working in the Pilatus PC-12. Low altitude UAS flights are now flown using the Phantom 3 Professional, the DJI Inspire 1 X3, and my production aerial platform is a FAA registered Inspire 1 X5 professional micro 4/3rds system.

I have contributed over 1400 photos to this project since 2008 with over 200 of them being exclusive Aerial photographs. I rarely photograph people, preferring aerial and geographic locations you can find my photos published all over the globe.

I am NOT a lawyer and I have never played one on TV, but I did play the role of Swat Team Commando in the movie Cobra (1986 film) with Sylvester Stallone. I have also studied law, under the California Chambers Study Program, but now prefer to let my camera's do the talking....

My photo of the "Statute of Liberty" made an appearance as the featured photo on July 4, 2016 upon the Home page of English Wikipedia
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Check out my video of the flight down the Hudson HERE. - - - Statute of Liberty from the East: December 14th, 2014 - Yang.
"In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved."Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Thanks for flying around and taking photos from the air! It really adds to Wikipedia. Alanraywiki (talk) 19:11, 27 May 2010 (UTC)

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John Wayne Airport
John Wayne Airport Jet Ramp
Newport Harbor Sunset
Hinckley Daysailor 42
Newport Beach Aerial Sunset
Balboa Peninsula
Newport Beach
Newport Beach
Newport Beach, California: Dec 5 2015
Piaggio P 180 Avanti at KSNA
Looking down MacArthur BLVD in Newport Beach
Newport Harbor by D Ramey Logan.jpg
Newport Harbor, Oct 8 2016
Balboa Island Oct 8 2016
Balboa Bay Resort October 8 2016
Dana Point Sunset
Sunrise in a 172
Balboa Island, Newport Beach California
Crystal Cove State Beach 9 4 2016
CDM Beach September 3 2016
Sunset at BYC on Aug 24 2016
Beer can Racing in Newport Beach Aug 18 2016
Harbor 20 Racing in Newport Beach Aug 11 2016
777JZ Heber City Airport Park City, Utah July 28 2016
Downtown Salt Lake City, looking North July 27 2016
Utah State Capitol at Night July 26 2016
First Time Lift Park City July 26 2016
The Dunes Back Bay Newport Beach CA
China Cove June 25 2016
China Cove June 25 2016
The Back Bay in Newport Beach CA June 25 2016
June Mountain Mono County CA June 17 2016
2016 Reno Stead Pylon Racing School June 17 2016 by D Ramey Logan.jpg
Sand Hotel in Reno June 16 2016
Avalon Casino May 2016
Avalon Casino May 2016
Avalon May 2016
Newport Aquatic Center - April 2016
Palm Trees line the Newport Aquatic Center - April of 2016
Newport Beach Harbor April 20, 2016
Golden Gate Bridge Dec 15 2015
Catalina sunset Nov 13, 2015
Strega, Tiger and Hoot the 2015 Unlimited Air Race Champions
Robert Hoot Gibson and Strega wins the 2015 Reno Air Races
Reno 2015 Unlimited Gold Line Up
View from the front Yachts race in Newport Beach California
Reflections of Newport Beach
Sunsets for a moment over the North Pole; at the International Date line, taken well north of the artic circle from 20,000 feet: Aug 6th 2015
Annapolis Maryland
GULFSTREAM G-V N1DC Dallas Cowboys owner "Jerry Jones" personal jet
Miami Florida
Swan 80 FD Mk II Cockpit
Chesapeake Bay Sandbagger sloop
United States Naval Academy in Annapolis MD
Pier 5 and the Power Plant Building in SE Baltimore
Sailing in Baltimore Harbor
Fells Point Baltimore Maryland
Beach House in Boca Raton, Florida
Boca Bay Memorial Day 2015
Bridge of the America's
The Panama Canal Locks
The Panama Canal
Port of Miami, next stop Grand Caymens
Stansbury Mountain Range Utah
Miami Skyline
Newport Harbor Sunset
Brooklyn, New York
John Wayne Airport
Corona del Mar Cliffs in Newport Beach, California
Deer Valley Resort Park City, Utah
Canyons Resort Park City, Utah
The business end of LAX
So Cal Sunset
Newport Beach, California


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