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Current WorkEdit


  1. Categorizing bronze scripts (× 1)
  2. Improving images which I uploaded before (× 10)
  3. Fixing redirect (× 1)
  4. Uploading Qin bamboo and slip script (× 1)
  • {{ACClicense|i=i|事|bronze|western|b04303|𩰬比簋蓋 (late Western Zhou)|fontcode=31.F0CE|strokes=8|component1=史|component2=又}}

Long termEdit

  1. Replacing and undoing every misleading, low-quality and false content which @Micheletb: has done. Actually taken from bronze/bigseal/oracle/seal"
  2. Categorizing bronze script by time period. Category:ACC needing time period
  3. Uploading Qin bamboo and slip script.

Useful TipsEdit

  • ⿰⿱⿲⿳⿴⿵⿶⿷⿸⿹⿺⿻
  • (集成未見) = (source not found)
  • Something that I had explained one thousand times to admin on bad redirects: all Wiktionaries and Han etym templates are using #ifexist function to display those files, so deleting them won't affect those pages. In contrast, those bad redirects will continuously display wrong images because our templates highly depend on #ifexist function.
  •  ; taken from 兒

{{speedydelete|Bad redirect. This character does not have a Western Zhou bronze script. All Wiktionaries and Han etym templates are using #ifexist function to display this file, so deleting it won't affect those pages. In contrast, the bad redirect will continuously display the wrong image and deliver false information because our templates highly depend on #ifexist function.}}
{{speedydelete|Bad and unused category. This character isn't contained by any other Ancient Chinese Characters (ACC). The original contributor of the category created the category because he or she mixed up 苟 and 茍 which are similar in Modern Chinese Characters (MCC) but very different in ACC.}}
{{speedydelete|Bad and unused category. Based on the adjustment of Ancient Chinese Characters (ACC) project and {{t|ACClicense}}, we would not analyze components of ''Liushutong'' seal characters in the future. All categories of ACC containing bigseal-x are always empty and needed to be deleted.}}

Problematic FilesEdit

  • 是龍忽亦余色社忍匋悉啍韋門四火區
  • 西
  • 香享
  • 專傳
  • 退
  • 广
  • 睘環
  • 里裏
  • 體予日齊處早丂兮粦丯侖具爽从共
  • File:招-slip.svg
  • File:Chinese character Shang oracle 虎 hu3 tiger.svg
  • File:Evolution of chinese character tiger.svg
  • File:履-bronze.svg
  • File:坵-silk.svg
  • File:返-bronze from knife money.svg
  • File:工-ancient.svg
  • File:七-SEAL(WuDict).svg (
  • File:羲-seal.svg
  • File:操(扌㕘).svg
  • File:敻-seal.svg
  • File:冏-oracle.svg File:冏-seal.svg
  • File:弇-oracle.svg File:弇-bronze.svg
  • File:Character Gui Seal.svg Character Gui Oracle.svg File:Character Long Seal.svg File:Character Feng Seal.svg File:Character Feng4 Oracle.svg Character Niu Seal.svg Character Eye Oracle.svg Character Eye Seal.svg Character Mu4 Seal.svg Character He Seal.svg File:Character Ma Cler.svg
  • File:舂-oracle.svg
  • File:夔-oracle.svg
  • File:ACC-s05782.svg
  • File:ACC-s06676.svg