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I have recently become aware and been alerted by an acquaintance to the fact that a flickr account i am associated with has come under scrutiny by other users for copyright issues with the images there. Save for a picture of Nikki Reed, and a screenshot of Rachelle Lefevre rubbing ash on her face as Victoria from Twilight, which i do not own, there should be no issues with the other photos as i took them myself at the events they came from or was present at the time and given free use of shared footage owned myself and another acquaintance. I hope this clarifies something for you as i do not wish to be further involved with any editing on wikimedia or wikipedia. Please visit my other account, of the same name, on wikipedia if you wish to know why. Please do not notify me on this talk page as i will not respond, it you are in dire need of a response, post it on wikipedia where i have someone watching the talk page for me incase my testimony on something is needed.