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Anuta Upload Script

Anuta is a Python script allowing bulk upload of JPG images into Mediawiki. Right now it works pretty much as Nichalp's Upload Script, that is you first create upload.csv file in te directory with the images and then execute Anuta.

I'm developing it and testing under Linux. It might work on other operating systems as well, but I haven't tried them.

Script's name comes from Anuta – the smallest permanently inhabited isolated Polynesian island. An important concept in the Anutan society is "Aropa," an attitude of mutual giving and sharing, which translates most closely to "compassion."

Features Crystal package.pngEdit

  • Rename the images on-the-fly.
  • Rotate images on-the-fly.
  • Autoformat wiki-syntax, so you do not have to worry about template parameters.
  • Embeds your name, caption, and GPS data in the Exif information.
  • Add descriptions in several languages.
  • UTF-8 support (I have successfuly uploaded images with descriptions in polish and korean languages)

Requirements Start hand.svgEdit

Credits Wiki-thanks.pngEdit

  • Nichalp for work on his upload script being an inpiration to my work,
  • Python developers for the fun which I get writting in this language,
  • mechanize developers for a great web browser module,
  • exiv2 creators for their exiv2 tool and the documentation essentials on the EXIF and IPCT tags,
  • libjpeg developers for their jpegtran utility − it allows JPEG rotation preserving its quality setting.

Developers section Cog-scripted-svg-blue.svgEdit