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Ruine Herrenzimmern

Hi, the image on the right was my first upload to Commons in February 2006:

Noia 64 apps karm.svgThis user has been on Commons for
13 years, 4 months and 17 days
In the meantime I have uploaded more than three thousand images:


You will find my profile (in German) here: Wuselig
At first I mostly uploaded scans of public domain images. With time I have started to upload images ofmy own, for which I wanted to take personal credit. For that I created the account Rainer Halama. Since I don't want to run into issues of sock-puppetry, I restrict all my voting and nomination activity accross all language and sister projects solely to this account here, ore the Username "Wuselig"
Commonist loads (most) of my uploaded images into the following gallery: Galerie hochgeladener Bilder
You will also find all those images, that I want to be credited to my real person and that are not CC 0 here.
I started uploading images around the topic Zimmerische Chronik. The history of the barons and counts of Zimmern: Zimmern.
With time I added images regarding the Early Modern Period and the History of Württemberg.


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