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My main user page is Zoram.hakaan. If you want consult me for some project of the Wikimedia Fundation do it in my corresponding user page.

My galleriesEdit

About my uploaded files, I have organized into galleries:

  • Íconos del mago: (‘Icons of the Magus’) They are a series of icons with square dimensions. Begging as PNG files, but gradually been replaced by SVG images.
  • Renascentia: It is a set of images with appearance medieval and renaissance, mainly for heraldry.
  • Scripturae: Is a series of tables and other multimedia related with the unusual writings, rarely compatible with their use in computers.

Used licensesEdit

Depending on the artwork, I will use generally three licences:

When my artwork is important, I keep the work under copyright. But they at I up to Commons is because can be used with certains conditions; attribution or another in specific.
This is the license more used by me. Anyone can be use the artwork by anything —comercial, public, derivated work, etc.—, provided that attribution is given to original work to Arturo D. Castillo.
  Public Domain
When the artwork not is important, I released it into the public domain. That means anyone can use it for anything, without my prior consent, without telling me and without attribute for me.

The Wikimedia Fundation use free material, so every file I upload must be usable without problems. However remember to read the license, in that is what needs for to use my files —either nothing or a whim of mine—.