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File tagging File:Ivan Stamboliev.jpgEdit

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This media may be deleted.
Thanks for uploading File:Ivan Stamboliev.jpg. This media is missing permission information. A source is given, but there is no proof that the author or copyright holder agreed to license the file under the given license. Please provide a link to an appropriate webpage with license information, or send an email with copy of a written permission to OTRS ( This also applies if you are the author yourself.

Please see this page for more information on how to confirm permission, and Commons:Permission if you would like to understand why we ask for permission when uploading work that is not your own.

Unless the permission information is given, the image may be deleted after seven days. Thank you.

B (talk) 15:49, 12 December 2018 (UTC)


Hi Спасимир, the issue with the images I nominated for deletion is COPYRIGHT, not project scope. If you, personally, are the author of the image (meaning that you personally held the camera in your hand, aimed it at the subject and clicked the button), then it is your "Own work" and you are the copyright holder. But for anything that you are not the copyright holder, we need one of two things: (1) either an exact source and proof that it is public domain (either because it is so old that the copyright has expired or because as a matter of law it is ineligible for copyright) -OR- (2) a statement of permission from the copyright holder. (The copyright holder is the person who held the camera in their hand, aimed it at the subject, and took the picture. Just because something is in a library does not necessarily make the library the copyright holder unless the copyright was transferred to them.)

I looked through your uploads and noticed several that are lacking. For example, File:Ivan Stamboliev.jpg credits "Личен архив", which I see is the name of a book. But it doesn't give any basis for believing that the license is valid. Did the author of this book or the photographer of this image agree to the license? Another is File:Ботеви чествания в село Скравена 01.jpg. If this is from 1906, then it's almost certainly public domain. It needs to say that - not an obviously incorrect Creative Commons license. The same goes for File:Ботеви чествания в село Скравена 04.png. --B (talk) 15:51, 12 December 2018 (UTC)

Archived threadsEdit

I have archived your threads to over a year ago to User talk:Спасимир/archive because they exceeding the limitations on the number of templates you can have on a page and preventing you from seeing important notifications with instructions. --B (talk) 15:55, 12 December 2018 (UTC)

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