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Personal approach to adminship


First and foremost, I believe in transparency. Any administrative action I take can be easily reviewed:

What my admin actions are NOT

  • My admin actions do NOT mean that I hate you.
  • My admin actions do NOT mean that I feel lowly of your work

Disagreements and mistakes

Just like any person, I can make mistakes. So I reserve the right to make mistakes. Furthermore any action I take can be subject to a discussion.

I am more than prepared to reverse any administrative action I take (such as deletions) however an important thing to note is often such actions come with a good reason. So if an image is deleted for being a copyright violation (copyvio) it wont be undeleted unless you can establish that the image is available with a free license. This may further require OTRS communication.

I ask you to first contact me at my talk page. This is to primarily eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy. If I do not get back to you in a reasonable amount of time (one week or more) or that you are unsatisfied with my response you are more than welcome to post it to Commons:Administrators' noticeboard.

No drama.svg Commons:Deletion requests - Commons:Deletion guidelines

  • I am inclined to speedy keep political nominations. You better have a rationale other than "I don't like it".
  • I am inclined to speedy keep copyvio nominations of country flags. A PD image is still a PD image even if you redraw it.
  • I am inclined to speedy delete obvious copyvios. This includes but not limited to screen captures of copyrighted material (such as anime, TV shows, movies), software screen shots, company logos, promo photos.
  • I will delete any fair-use image. Fair-use images are NOT allowed on commons.
  • I am very very uninterested in long rants. If an image needs to be deleted or kept there should be obvious brief reasons. Please state those.
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