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Incorrect deletion: File:Giedroyc Arms in England.jpgEdit

At 11.00 on 9 March, you deleted "File:Giedroyc Arms in England.jpg". This is your explanation: ‎ "( The PD rationale is faulty since the arms were granted in 1984 so the artist can't be dead for 70 years.)" This makes no sense. No one has ever claimed the artist has been dead for 70 years. This version of the Giedroyc arms was recorded by the College of Arms in England in around 2000. Please undelete.

Author of picture usedEdit

Dear Abigor,

Regarding the following file :

It is attributed by mistake or by dishonesty to someone else.

This is my photograph. As seen here

As I saw that you have been "verifying" this file, and that it has been used a lot these days, please note my name and correct the credit and paternity of this image.

Many thanks and best regards,


image incorrectly identifiedEdit

the image at this address is incorrectly identified:

In fact, this is a Luba gourd figure from southern Democratic Republic of Congo. Please note the correct identification information on the National Museum of African Art's website at the following address:$0040/4/title-asc?t:state:flow=1986ec3d-f957-4974-8bc1-71eef61d0034

Thanks, Mark DeLancey

Giedroyc Arms in EnglandEdit

You deleted the image Giedroyc Arms in England.jpg for reasons I don't understand. The arms were granted by the English College of Arms to my father-in-law Michał Giedroyć in 1999, based on his family's Polish arms. (I don't know where you got the information that they were granted in 1984: that is incorrect.) The original artwork was done by the College of Arms. My father-in-law, by definition, has the right to display them. At his request, I made the file with the image of the arms in 2010. Please could you undelete? Thank you. User talk:Philipparham

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