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Welcome to Wikimedia Commons, Abzeronow!

-- Wikimedia Commons Welcome (talk) 21:30, 1 September 2018 (UTC)

Note: Archive at User:Abzeronow/Archive1


A barnstar for you!Edit

  The Original Barnstar
Hi, I award you the Public Domain Barnstar for your research on public domain works to be undeleted. I am going through your list. Happy New Year! Yann (talk) 06:35, 2 January 2019 (UTC)


Is there any way I can prove the photo was done by me•? I still have the original photo, if I can have an e-mail I can send. And the picture was done with the same camera of this picture (File:Pisa_(2004).jpg). --Santista1982 (talk) 20:29, 14 January 2019 (UTC)

(talk page stalker) The original File:Ciclovia.jpg (histlogsabuse log) was deleted because was published on in 2005—that is, earlier than the Commons upload—hence it won’t be restored without a written declaration. @Santista1982: try Commons:Email templates; or perhaps you can identify the Wikimedia account with account on the Web forum? Incnis Mrsi (talk) 21:19, 14 January 2019 (UTC)
Incnis Mrsi is right. You need to contact COM:OTRS. If you still have original data for that photo, send it to them. Abzeronow (talk) 15:19, 16 January 2019 (UTC)
@Incnis Mrsi: But if the photo was done by me and I can prove where is the problem if I uploaded somewhere else before? For example the File:Tufara.png (histlogsabuse log) I took from the video I uploaded first on youtube here [1] so it should also be deleted? --Santista1982 (talk) 21:39, 14 January 2019 (UTC)
@Santista1982: if online, the solution would depend on the copyright status. is explicitly copyrighted hence no leniency may be expected. You shouldn’t specify {{Own}} for anything which appeared in Internet before uploading. Incnis Mrsi (talk) 21:56, 14 January 2019 (UTC)
@Incnis Mrsi: on the template own it says "Use this to say that you personally created the entire original image by yourself". So if the picture was done by me I can use {{Own}} even if I uploaded on another place. --Santista1982 (talk) 22:30, 14 January 2019 (UTC)
Can you prove identity of the Google user with the Wikimedia user? Incnis Mrsi (talk) 22:37, 14 January 2019 (UTC)
Yes. --Santista1982 (talk) 22:46, 14 January 2019 (UTC)
Really? I disconnect from now on and also regret that wasted time of a third user trying yo help Santista1982 with Ciclovia.jpg. Incnis Mrsi (talk) 22:58, 14 January 2019 (UTC)
But what do you mean with "third user"? --Santista1982 (talk) 23:31, 14 January 2019 (UTC)
Acted upon. Let’s see outcome. Incnis Mrsi (talk) 22:37, 14 January 2019 (UTC)

Post-RfC on music notation filesEdit

Hi. If you're interested, the discussion regarding music notation files on Commons has moved to, as the RfC was archived without a formal closure. Feel free to comment (if you've never used Phabricator before, you can log in with a MediaWiki account). Jc86035 (talk) 17:02, 5 February 2019 (UTC)

Adam Ilory.jpg - deleted pictureEdit

Hi Abzeronow. You deleted a file I uploaded File:Adam Ilory.jpg which indeed was not CC or public domain. However I believe when a person is deceased and no other pictures of him are available it can be uploaded under fair use. Is that correct? Or am I missing something? I will not upload it again until I get an answer. Thanks.--الدبوني (talk) 12:49, 8 April 2019 (UTC)

Hi, I'm not an admin, I can't delete anything. I merely tagged it as having no license. Commons doesn't allow Fair Use though. COM:Fair Use. Pinging @Jcb the admin who deleted it. @الدبوني: Abzeronow (talk) 14:45, 8 April 2019 (UTC)

German copyrightEdit


can you elaborate what are you talking here about? According to Commons:Copyright rules by territory/Germany anonymous German works are generally copyrighted 70 years post publication. Am I missing something? AFAIK, 120 years since creation is only term for most US unpublished anonymous or corporate works (not applicable here). Ankry (talk) 07:15, 13 April 2019 (UTC)

Rosenzweig mentions a very much stringent definition of anonymous with German works, but I could strike my oppose if you think it should be undeleted. Abzeronow (talk) 14:53, 13 April 2019 (UTC)

Nassau County flagEdit

Hi. I got the flag picture from this site:

County flags are obviously not copyrighted so I see no issue.

Uh, if they were created after 1978, yes they are copyrighted. See also "All content © 2006-2013 City / County / Hospital and its representatives. All rights reserved." Pinging @Magog the Ogre to check Abzeronow (talk) 01:52, 17 April 2019 (UTC)
@JayKay716: most non-federal government works are in fact copyrighted. If it was first published after 02-28-1989, it is not public domain. If before, it is public domain unless the county followed formalities to get it copyrighted (which they probably didn't). Regardless, we'll need proof of that before we can post it. Magog the Ogre (talk) (contribs) 04:08, 17 April 2019 (UTC)

File:Faculty of Economic Sciences emblem.pngEdit

Hello! There was a copyright problem with the File:Faculty of Economic Sciences emblem.png and I wonder if you help me to upload it as a fair use pic from the university web site (this pic is an emblem of the university faculty and the officials agree for the fair use). How can I do it correctly? Thank you!

RFA SupportEdit

Hi. Since I cannot edit on Commons:Administrators/Requests/Jeff G. 3 anymore, I wanted to reach out and thank you for your support on my recent RFA. Even though it didn't end the way I wanted, I appreciate your support.   — Jeff G. please ping or talk to me 00:03, 20 April 2019 (UTC)

File:Muraltengut - 1.jpgEdit

Hi, I'm new to wikipedia commons and not sure if this is the mode of communication. Anyway, you added a comment to my inserted picture that it is lacking detailed information. Could you be more specific about what is lacking? I have this picture from Zentralbibliothek Zürich and by email got their explicit approval to post it here.

— Preceding unsigned comment added by Heinrich Spöndli (talk • contribs) 13:54, 2 May 2019 (UTC)
@Heinrich Spöndli: Sure, you have the uploaded date as the date of the file. When was the photograph originally taken and/or published? Also, third party permission tends to have to go through COM:OTRS if you're going to use a free license rather than a public domain one (which there isn't enough information supplied to determine). Abzeronow (talk) 15:06, 2 May 2019 (UTC)

Hi again, the date and author of the picture is now added. Seeing that the picture now comes without notice that it will soon be deleted, I'm assuming this issue is resolved.

— Preceding unsigned comment added by Heinrich Spöndli (talk • contribs) 11:01, 3 May 2019 (UTC)

Thank you!Edit

Thanks for letting me know to fix the dolphin upload. I'm really new to wiki markup. and I didn't know you had to add the PD-self tag rather than just writing what it was... :( Thanks for letting me know! Tabbycatlove (talk) 16:43, 13 May 2019 (UTC)

Deletion requests vs speediesEdit

Hi Abzeronow. Could you explain in more detail why you replaced my speedy deletion nominations with regular deletion requests at File:PM-Message-to-Dadasaheb-Phalke-Internl-Film-Festival.jpg, File:White house baldrige award 1988.jpg, and File:White house baldrige award 1988 secy of commerce.jpg? I believe all of these images meet CSD F1 because the uploader provided "no good evidence of Commons-compatible licensing being issued by the copyright holder or status as a free work". I would also like to point out that the Narendra Modi file appears to be taken from rather than being a self-scan by the uploader. Thanks. – Lord Bolingbroke (talk) 21:32, 13 May 2019 (UTC)

The last two might be {{PD-USGov}} if they were taken by a government employee. Yes, I agree that CC license has no basis but those are not clearly copyvios in my opinion and so I felt they needed discussion. The third probably needs to be deleted anyway, but I wanted to make sure there wasn't some way of keeping that Modi file. I'll correct the source, thanks for that. Abzeronow (talk) 14:23, 14 May 2019 (UTC)
The impression I'm getting is that {{Copyvio}} should only be used when there is positive evidence of a copyright violation (e.g., the webpage an image was taken from), while deletion requests should be used when a copyright violation is only probable or likely. Would you say that's accurate? (I'm relatively new on Commons and still trying to get a feel for the deletion criteria.) Also, why do you think the third image in particular needs to be deleted? How does it differ from the other White House photo? – Lord Bolingbroke (talk) 18:29, 14 May 2019 (UTC)
Oops, third one is fine, meant the first one (had gotten the order mixed up and forgot to edit to the first). Abzeronow (talk) 13:56, 15 May 2019 (UTC)
Thanks for clarifying. Do you have an answer to my first question? Lord Bolingbroke (talk) 20:29, 15 May 2019 (UTC)

A barnstar for you!Edit

  The Teamwork Barnstar
Faced with the easy choice of deleting an image or working to correct an error, this user decided that the project could be improved. This generous and honorable action represents the essence of the project. If the project had more souls like Abzeronow's, the quality of the project would increase exponentially. Luizpuodzius (talk) 02:30, 19 May 2019 (UTC)

ältere BilderEdit

Hallo Abzeronow! du hast mich auf die unkorrekt eingetragene Lizenz in meinem gestern hochgeladenen Bild aufmerksam gemacht. Schönen Dank, ich habe das ergänzt.

Ich hatte schon längere Zeit keinen Eintrag mehr gemacht und bin mit allen Regeln nicht mehr so vertraut, zumal diese sich auch geändert haben. Was mich wundert, ist, dass alle meine früheren Bilder nicht in meiner Liste erscheinen ich habe sie schließlich hier gefunden: Was muss ich ändern, damit alles ordentlich in die Reihe kommt? Viola sonans (talk) 09:01, 6 June 2019 (UTC)

It looks like you added a license for your photo so it looks resolved @Viola sonans: Abzeronow (talk) 19:01, 6 June 2019 (UTC)

About Copyright status of the File:Esquema de la Curva matemática Cornoide.jpgEdit

Can you tell me where I can find the code for the Licenses? That is a scanned image from a book originally published in the XIX century, or about 124 years ago.

— Preceding unsigned comment added by Reminiscente (talk • contribs) 08:04, 12 June 2019‎ (UTC)
  • Signing your posts is required on talk pages and it is a Commons guideline to sign your posts on deletion requests, undeletion requests, and noticeboards. To do so, simply add four tildes (~~~~) at the end of your comments. Your user name or IP address (if you are not logged in) and a timestamp will then automatically be added when you save your comment. Signing your comments helps people to find out who said something and provides them with a link to your user/talk page (for further discussion). Thank you.
@Reminiscente:, you can check COM:L for some of the licenses we use on Commons. If the original image is from the late 19th Century, who is the author of this image? Did they die at least 70 years ago? Abzeronow (talk) 17:35, 12 June 2019 (UTC)
Sorry for the lack of firm. And yes, the author of the work, Juan Alberto Sánchez died in 1896, and this image is a reproduction of such work, found in an old book from 1940; also the editorial of this book don't exist since decades ago. --Reminiscente (talk) 00:25, 15 June 2019 (UTC)

About Copyright status File:Michael Stapelberg.jpgEdit

Hi, Can you help to solve the problem? Samira.H1989 (talk) 06:44, 19 June 2019 (UTC)

I couldn't find any Creative Commons license from looking at either source, but I did't see a copyright notice either. Pinging @Alexis Jazz Abzeronow (talk) 15:44, 19 June 2019 (UTC)
Didn't notice the file was already deleted. Abzeronow (talk) 15:46, 19 June 2019 (UTC)
I don't know what the source was. - Alexis Jazz ping plz 16:40, 19 June 2019 (UTC)
Two were listed @Alexis Jazz: : [2] and [3] Abzeronow (talk) 16:50, 19 June 2019 (UTC)
Some of the YT videos (by the Chaos Computer Club) are CC. According to, "The license displayed in the actual video file applies." At the very end of you see (pause it, it's only a few seconds) the logos for CC BY SA, but no version number. - Alexis Jazz ping plz 17:28, 19 June 2019 (UTC)

Frey collection questionEdit

Forgive the intrusion, I am defensive of my editing access and it doesn't seem WP:Bold applied to the three strikes (I want no strikes). Regarding the question of licence tag for photos from the Frey Collection, were you saying that the images cannot be freed under the {{Attribution}} tag because we don't know who inherited the copyright? When you say "if this archive were the photographer's heirs, a simple attribution license would appear to suffice" are you meaning "the simple attribution license can not suffice in this because the archive website is not the photographer's heirs"? IveGoneAway (talk) 11:17, 25 June 2019 (UTC)

Basically that is what I'm saying unless the photographs were created more than 120 years ago since they're unpublished. So anything before 1899 would be in the clear. Abzeronow (talk) 15:22, 25 June 2019 (UTC)
I am looking for the right way to license these images, if possible, which I have stated are c. 1909-1919. Yes, anything before 1899 would be in the clear, but that is not what I have been asking about. I have to read between the lines to assume that "If you use them in any publication, please credit the “Frey Family Collection.” is not sufficiently freeing for WP/Commons.
I asked the curator if I could upload them to Wikipedia/Commons and they said, "Feel free to use these pictures but please credit the blog. Thank you." I think the intent is clear, but I haven't receive a clear statement one way or another of how to turn that in to a licensing statement, or why not, at least a statement clear and unambiguous enough from a senior editor to risk my editing access. Thank you for any help. IveGoneAway (talk) 03:15, 2 July 2019 (UTC)
OK. I think I have it parsed now. I will try to see if the curator actually has the right to free the pictures. If not, then we could either get the curator to upload the images themselves or work out the freeing statement needed for me to upload. If nothing else, at least there is the gallery to link to online. IveGoneAway (talk) 02:30, 5 July 2019 (UTC)
Update: The owner of the collection (grandson of the original owner), when presented with the request for release of these images under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike licenses replied "Let me know if you want me to sign anything. I’m happy to help. Does not publishing pictures on a blog place them in the public domain?" I would imagine that "If you use them in any publication, please credit the “Frey Family Collection.“" covers commercial publication with attribution, but not modification (does it?). I am thinking that either he must release them under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike or I must do so under his authorization. IveGoneAway (talk) 16:04, 5 August 2019 (UTC) 21:48, 5 August 2019 (UTC)
I am putting the copyright owner onto the Commons:Wikimedia OTRS release generator, now that I have come across it. IveGoneAway (talk) 02:24, 11 August 2019 (UTC)
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