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Categories Roman LegionsEdit

Good Morning: It doesn't seem bad to me, but the drawback is that the images do not appear directly in the category of each legion and there are many links, so that the category becomes a kind of root category. Thus it is not easy to find specific images and even less for non-expert users. --scutum (talk) 07:35, 18 September 2021 (UTC)[]

Hello scutum, you are absolutely right about the drawbacks. Unfortunately, I don't have a solution to these disadvantages at the moment. I started grouping and structuring the categories of latin inscriptions (if they are related to roman legions), because it seemed to me quite an unorganized mess. Anyway, if you are unhappy with my changes, feel free to change or undo, whatever suits you. Cheers --Agentjoerg (talk) 08:05, 18 September 2021 (UTC)[]
Hello; I also do not see a clear solution and what has been done helps to put order; thank you very much for taking the trouble to try to organize the clutter of categorizations. --scutum (talk) 20:48, 18 September 2021 (UTC)[]