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Welcome to Wikimedia Commons, Auntof6!

Rd232 (talk) 14:29, 26 November 2011 (UTC)


Category:Snow in Taitung CountyEdit

Please take a look at your edits, why change to "Category:Taitung County"? Is there any problem with "Category:Nature of Taitung"?--Kai3952 (talk) 21:28, 15 June 2018 (UTC)

Could you explain why?--Kai3952 (talk) 13:50, 19 June 2018 (UTC)
Is "Taitung" the same as "Taitung County"? I may have been thinking that Taitung was a city in the county, but I see that the cats for the city all specify city. I have no objection to putting the nature category back. --Auntof6 (talk) 15:40, 19 June 2018 (UTC)
I know, someone once said to me(see: Mattbuck's answer. In the administrative system of Taiwan, "City" has three meanings:
  • Special municipality: Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung...etc.
  • Provincial city: Keelung, Hsinchu, Chiayi...etc.
  • County-controlled city: Changhua, Hualien, Taitung...etc.
The issue is that we are used to translating as "City" in English. If we want to distinguish them, what advice do you have?--Kai3952 (talk) 19:58, 19 June 2018 (UTC)
Oh, I forgot to say--what you say is happening in this case("County-controlled city"). The term "County-controlled city" means the city's administration is under the county government. Just like you see "Taitung", it has two meanings: "Taitung County" and "Taitung City". It is true that there is the same name but not the same nature("nature" means its administrative level). There is no need to create "Category:Nature of Taitung County" and "Category:Nature of Taitung City" to distinguish them, as we don't need to over-categorization.--Kai3952 (talk) 20:43, 19 June 2018 (UTC)

Muni historical bus fleetEdit

Why are you removing buses from this category? All five that you removed are preserved for historical purposes, and at least three of the five (4154, 4574, 5300) regularly appear at Muni Heritage Weekend. Pi.1415926535 (talk) 04:08, 5 July 2018 (UTC)

As far as I know, the historic fleet consists of the old-design streetcars that run on Market Street and the Embarcadero. Is that not correct (keeping in mind that being a former part of Muni's fleet doesn't mean it's officially part of the historic fleet)? --Auntof6 (talk) 04:43, 5 July 2018 (UTC)
Muni's historic fleet also includes a number of preserved former Muni buses (unlike the historic streetcars, they only preserve buses that actually ran in SF). Almost every bus model since the 1940s has at least preserved unit, although they are not used in regular revenue service like the streetcars are. All of the individual buses listed in the "Preserved Unit(s)" column here are preserved specifically for historical purposes, which is why I had them in Category:Buses of the San Francisco Municipal Railway historic fleet, as opposed to Category:Former buses of the San Francisco Municipal Railway which is for all buses that formerly ran in SF regardless of preservation status. Pi.1415926535 (talk) 05:18, 5 July 2018 (UTC)
OK, I'm sorry. I'll undo the changes I made. --Auntof6 (talk) 05:25, 5 July 2018 (UTC)
No worries. My apologies if I came off aggressively in my initial message - I did't mean to be accusatory, and you seem to be a very reliable categorizer all told. Cheers, Pi.1415926535 (talk) 05:27, 5 July 2018 (UTC)

Round 2 of Picture of the Year 2017 is open!Edit

You are receiving this message because you voted in R1 of the 2017 Picture of the Year contest, but not yet in R2.

Dear Auntof6,

Wikimedia Commons is happy to announce that the second round of the 2017 Picture of the Year competition is now open. This year will be the twelfth edition of the annual Wikimedia Commons photo competition, which recognizes exceptional contributions by users on Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia users are invited to vote for their favorite images featured on Commons during the last year (2017) to produce a single Picture of the Year.

Hundreds of images that have been rated Featured Pictures by the international Wikimedia Commons community in the past year were entered in this competition. These images include professional animal and plant shots, breathtaking panoramas and skylines, restorations of historical images, photographs portraying the world's best architecture, impressive human portraits, and so much more.

There are two total rounds of voting. In the first round, you voted for as many images as you liked. In Round 1, there were 1475 candidate images. There are 58 finalists in Round 2, comprised of the top 30 overall as well as the top 2 from each sub-category.

In the final round, you may vote for a maximum of three images. The image with the most votes will become the Picture of the Year 2017.

Round 2 will end on 22 July 2018, 23:59 UTC.

Click here to vote now!

the Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year committee 11:32, 17 July 2018 (UTC)

Renaming photograph Categories by yearEdit

Hi there. Was there any reason to rename the categories like this edit? These type of categories with this type of naming at very common here. See Category:Photographs by country by year. Is there any community decision not use it any longer? -- DerFussi 06:05, 25 July 2018 (UTC)

@DerFussi: Yes, there is a reason. The vast majority of the files at Commons are photographs, so it's a de facto default: that means that photographs don't need to be in a "photographs" category unless there's a specific reason for it. The categories that have the word "photographs" in their names are usually reserved for a special kind of use that's described by the text in the {{Photographs}} template: I think of it as "photographs by characteristic".
As for the specific diff you mention, that category contained subcategories like Category:2008 photographs of Cambodia (and similar categories for other years). Those categories didn't contain things that the photographs categories are used for, so I moved the contents to other categories. For example, things in Category:2008 photographs of Cambodia were moved to Category:2008 in Cambodia. (I've been doing this for multiple countries, and in most cases there were already files in the "year in country" categories that weren't apparently different from those in the "photographs" category.) In some cases, these moves were done by changing templates that assign categories, such as Template:Cambodiaphotomonthyear.
This whole topic confuses a lot of people because they see the word "photographs" in a category name, think "I'm uploading a photograph, so my file must belong there ", and upload their file to a category where it doesn't belong. There is an open discussion about this at Commons:Categories for discussion/2015/11/Category:Photographs. There's pretty much a consensus that the category names need to be clearer, but not exactly what the names should be.
I hope that answers your question. If not, feel free to ask more. --Auntof6 (talk) 06:42, 25 July 2018 (UTC)
Thanks. The reason is clear to me. I used these categories (and created them) because it was common here to do it. Actually it was a kind of burden to me. Putting files into time categories manually is medieval. It's in the exif data. The Category Cambodia should be enough and the software should be able to create a list of 2018 photographs of Cambodia automatically. Thats what a media repository software should be able to do. Creating categories like Category:Thailand photographs taken on 2018-03-16 manually is... sorry....sick (but i have done it). I've created some own user templates thats puts it to the time and location categories (if they exist) to reduce the work a bit. But actually I am waiting for a wiki v2.0 (that will probably never come). Thanks for the explanation. I will have an eye on it and follow it when I do my next uploads. Fortunately I just need to adapt my own date template to move all my images, if needed. -- DerFussi 06:56, 25 July 2018 (UTC)

Changing category:Justice building into JusticeEdit

Hello Auntof6, I've seen your revert, from "Justice building" to "Justice".

But at the page Category:Justice there is {{CatDiffuse}} and it is written at the top of the category there is too much files which should be moved to a subcategory. That was what I've done : when we look at the picture, we seen a building. Don't you think I was right to move the file to "Justice building" ? --Papa6 (talk) 11:37, 27 July 2018 (UTC)

@Papa6: You didn't move it to "Justice building" or even "Justice buildings", you moved it to "Justice Building". See the difference? In the one you moved it to, both words are capitalized. That's because it's the name of one specific building, a building in Canada. The file you changed appears to be for a building in Algeria. So, no, I don't think that move should have been done. There are other general categories for buildings that have to do with justice, such as Category:Courthouses. --Auntof6 (talk) 17:54, 27 July 2018 (UTC)
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