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I saw you validate several svgs. I am doing similar work on SVGs, but some invalid elements, such as aria-label should be IMHO kept. It is as far as I know a valid SVG2.0-element and does not do any harm, but removing does. I can be seen that is is a bug of the validator, and not of the svg-file and won't lead to a render-bug. I know that SVG 2.0 is still a working draft, but there is no sense in removing such elements, as you did in File:Emblem_of_Nur-Sultan-1.svg. I made a essay about optimization containing a list of invalid elements that should be kept: User:JoKalliauer/Optimization#invalid_elements_that_should_be_kept.

At the beginning of my work on commons (2017) I also validated svgs, just to validate them, but there are several reasons why validating is often undesired (if you are not the original uploader), and leaded to reverts (e.g. File:Liberty_Bell_icon.svg).

 — Johannes Kalliauer - Talk | Contributions 16:17, 12 July 2019 (UTC)

That's useful, thanks. I hadn't realised that was the point of aria-label, I confess. When I looked into it quickly I only found it as an html attribute for labelling tags, so it didn't seem particularly useful in an svg - if I'd looked at the attribute contents more closely it would have made more sense. If there's a substantial amount of text I tend to duplicate it in a hidden layer when converting to a path is necessary, and someone removing that would be annoying. -- Begoon 16:36, 12 July 2019 (UTC)
Sorry I forgot to explain aria-label, but I think you found it out on your own. :-) And I personally agree with the two layers (hidden-real-text and {{Path text SVG}}), but I know some who scrub files too agressiv (not you) and remove all hidden elements, therfore I often to move the text 1000px sideways out of the visible viewBox (e.g. File:Essigsäuresynthesen.svg), I personally find {{Path text SVG}} often to harsh. However it seems to me that you generally validate cautiously/carefully (I had to look thought several files to find a "mistake"). If you have any suggestions/improvements/comments to User:JoKalliauer/Optimization I am happy to hear them.  — Johannes Kalliauer - Talk | Contributions 17:06, 12 July 2019 (UTC)
I forgot to mention, you might want to take a look at which is very configurable, and I've used both as a CLI and GUI with pretty good results. Sometimes I'll use that just to tidy indents etc, but it has a zillion options. Obviously one needs to be careful and aware of what it's doing, which is why I don't usually recommend any utilities like this if I'm asked by general 'users', but this one is actually quite useful, with those provisos. -- Begoon 07:55, 13 July 2019 (UTC)
I reported many issues of svgcleaner: , so I use it on my own. I use svgcleaner in and for User:SVGWorkaroundBot (see Special:ListFiles/SVGWorkaroundBot). Till 2018 it was mantained better than scour/svgo. I think @RazrFalcon: currently developes resvg, which might will replace librsvg on Commons, see phab:T40010#5270643, which seems to be an improvement (and faster mantainence).  — Johannes Kalliauer - Talk | Contributions 14:23, 13 July 2019 (UTC)
Cool - obviously you're already all over it. I'm no huge rsvg fan, so provided the replacement is reliable I'm all for trying something better. -- Begoon 14:42, 13 July 2019 (UTC)
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