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==) ɖʊӄɛ ʀʊɖʀǟ (== Duke Rudra (born on special day 14 November 2000), At Bhadohi ɖʊӄɛ ʀʊɖʀǟ is tɦɛ ɱѳรt tɑʆɛɳtɛɗ ɓѳy ɓѳʀɳ ѳɳ ѵɛʀy รpɛciɑʆ ɗɑy witɦ ɱy รɱɑʀtɳɛรร I started my life from 2000 then i thing something to be in future.????????? After 5 years i started watching the movies and serial then i decided to become famous boy over all the world, then in 2008 i made my account on Facebook and became friendly with all in Bhadohi. Day By Day year by year I made so many frnds, then I started uploading my Pix on Facebook. Peoples started following me and liking my pictures in different different Pose. From Thee i thought People Likes me then i thing why only popular in Bhadohi then I thing's to become Popular Over all the world. Then I started working Hard I Selected an Antic Pic Title for my name after 1 month i got an Title that no 1 have. Now because of my hard work I m here just because of u. Now u can search on google by just typing my name Duke Rudra If u likes my biography then please keep subscribe on you-tube and follow on social media sites which is given below

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