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Todo (reminder for myself)Edit

A remplir / to fill ...Edit

Work on Bas Relief Cuverville01.jpg & Bas Relief Cuverville03.jpg

O tour de la bulle 2009Edit

  • Transferer les images depuis flickr.

Festival templatesEdit

  • Corriger le parametre altdesc comme pour celui de Bagnols-sur-Cèze

bot codingEdit

  • code something to handle that

Technology used:

  • lazarus/fpc.
  • curl
  • mediawiki api. (xml backend)

Technical specifications:

  • no database, usage of a file structure, with a md5 filenaming:
    • md5(article/filename).desc for the description
    • md5(file).file for the content of a file md5(article/filename).revID for storing the revision id.
    • md5(article/filename).title for the title/ wiki filename of a file or article.
    • md5(article/filename).revid for the revision ID of a file or article.
    • md5(article/filename).desc.newversion for the changes proposed to a new version of a description.
    • md5(article/filename).file.newversion for the changes proposed to a new version of a file

A filestructure with symbolic links wille be created to allow simplier edit of the retrieved files.

The tool will work on command line:

  • First retrieve the desc / file of a possible list of article/files.
  • edit the new version of each files, possibly manually of with sed/perl or any other similar tool.
  • commit the changes performed if the revid was not changed during the edition time. (to avoid cancelling other edits performed by others users).

Actually the mw tool handles most of the needs. Esby (talk) 21:56, 4 June 2010 (UTC)

Categorization to checkEdit

  • Comédie du Livre 2010.   Done
  • Comédie du Livre 2009. [1]
  • others?

Sort category of wikimedia france imagesEdit


fix descriptionEdit

Files that were like this one ...File:2007-08-18 - (06xa) Collada del Montanyó.JPG

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