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South African flagEdit

Hello. This is regarding your reverts of SA flags.

"CMYK values in source are only recommended and are also incorrect as they produce a bright green instead of blue. No depiction of example of the flag is purple and even the image of the flag give by the vexillogical institute (the current colour shade source) show a dark blue, the same shade as the old version of this file."
  • The CYMK code in the source has a minor typo: two numbers are swapped in the Solway blue entry. Once in their place they produce - Solway blue. Exactly Solway blue. Fortunately I took the time, noticed that, did some research, and applied the colours in the source.
  • "Recommended". Yes. Those are the colours recommended by the source of the image. There is no alternative set. The "image of the flag" looks different because it is a scan; in a pdf - on your monitor. Indeed the printing company need not have bothered... these are all reasons why there's a "COLOUR RECOMMENDATIONS" chart right below. In short: the recommended colours are the only sourced colours, the ones you restored are unsourced.
  • "depiction of example of the flag" - if you take the time to research this issue you may learn that, yes - since many of the flags were made in Britain, Union Jack blue was often used. That is why we have this file: File:Flag of South Africa (1928–1994).svg, which uses the (incorrect!) darker blue throughout.

So please don't revert to an unsourced image version without justification? I've done research into this flag recently... Solway blue is the accurate shade. Director (talk) 04:47, 16 November 2018 (UTC)

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