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User area subpage for requests from Horst Burkhardt about electronic components. If you are not Horst, please leave messages on my normal talk page.

Note from Horst:Edit

OK, so this is what I need at present, and will be a good start for your expanded pool.
If I list things that are already done, please just dump in Completed anyway.
All my requests are for the coloured versions, not the wireframes, because while they take longer, they are pretty much photorealistic, which is extremely good for the purpose I currently have in mind.
It may be possible to reuse past work for a lot of this - if that is possible, then by all means do so - in that case, also just dump in Completed without review, because I've not seen any drawing by you that hasn't been brilliant!
Some of these will be duplicates that just require a text change.

Oh, by the way, please avoid putting pinout data on the vectors, numbers on the leads kinda make things difficult. Also, all ICs are 300mil.

I realise this list is highly specific and very large, but there is method to this madness :D

Also, could I get an RL handle to attribute for the graphics in use outside of the wikimedia projects? ;)

Thanks, Horst.Burkhardt (talk) 14:47, 2 November 2009 (UTC)

(→) will be used to indicate completed works from the list.

The ListEdit

Power SourcesEdit

  • 9V Battery (transistor radio type / type 216)
  • Battery clip for above
  • Size "AAA" Alkaline battery
  • → Size "AA" Alkaline battery


  • Polyester Film ("greencap") Capacitor, Radial-lead
  • Metallised Polyester (yellow body thingies) Capacitor, Radial-lead
  • Electrolytic Capacitor, Radial- and Axial- lead configurations
  • Ceramic Disc Capacitor, Radial-lead
  • Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitor, Radial-lead
  • Variable Capacitor (not the tiny type)


  • → Carbon-film Resistor (yellowish/beige body, four bands)
  • → Metal-film Resistor (pastel blue body, five bands)
  • Variable Resistor (panel-mount type, potentiometer)
  • Light-Dependent Resistor

Audio DevicesEdit

  • Crystal Earphone
  • Magnetic Earphone
  • Loudspeaker (8Ω, 0.5W type is about the right size for comparison)
  • Horn-type Loudspeaker
  • Electret Microphone


  • → TO-92 package Transistor, type BC-547 and BC-557
  • → TO-3 package Power Transistor, type 2N3055
  • → TO-18 package Unijunction Transistor, type BC2646
  • → 1N4002 Rectifier Diode
  • → OA91/0A95/1N60 type Signal Diode (these are glass-body)
  • → 1N914/1N4148 type Signal Diode (also glass-body, a tiny bit orange)
  • → Zener Diode (unmarked, glass-body, red tinted mildly)
  • → Light Emitting Diode (5mm for relative to leads. Waterclear means you don't need to do colours and transparency!)

Integrated CircuitsEdit

  • → ZN414 in TO-18 package
  • → MK484 in TO-92 package
  • → LT-302 Seven-segment LED display
  • → 555 Timer, in DIP-8
  • → 7473 TTL Astable Multivibrator, in DIP-14
  • → 4017 CMOS Decade Counter, in DIP-16
  • → 4007 CMOS Pair/Inverter, in DIP-14
  • → 7490 Decade Counter, in DIP-14
  • → 7475 Quad Latch, in DIP-16
  • → 7447 Decoder/Driver, in DIP-16


  • SPST
  • DPDT
  • → Pushbutton


  • Wire
  • Insulated Wire
  • → Coil (made of insulated wire, 20 turns, no former visible)
  • Spaghetti Insulation
  • Morse Key
  • 8Ω to 1kΩ Centre-Tapped Audio Output Transformer
  • 8Ω to 1kΩ Untapped Audio Transformer
  • 3kΩ to 3kΩ Centre-Tapped Audio Matching Transformer
  • Ferrite Rod Aerial
  • Solder Spool
  • Relay
  • Printed Circuit Board (isometric view, any pattern will do *grin*)

In progress / pending reviewEdit




Miscellaneous DiodesEdit

Light Emitting DiodesEdit

Integrated CircuitsEdit





Bonus Content!Edit

This is stuff that wasn't specifically requested, but was done anyway, and which is (as usual) simply brilliant, thus getting the Horst Stamp of Approval. ;-) (and will probably be used!)

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