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  1. I don't think that the langswitch template is the best way to translate the main page - we use it for the challenges as the translation feature needs people with the right to mark a page as ready for translation - and creates new pages, which would mean that the description pages would have to be separated from the entries (that are then included - as is done with the main page at the moment).
  2. I think it's a good idea that the challenges, votes and winners are not directly on the main page and is therefore less often changed.
  3. I wouldn't use this many pictures that have no connection to the photo challenge - especially if it's not obvious why they are used (e.g. the highlands-picture). I'd probably prefer symbols for the header - a bit like I did for my personal header
  4. I really do like the idea of a header for the photo challenge (e.g.

- see also Template:POTY2013/header/navi), which includes the main page, talk page, themes, themes discussion, and previous winners (as I don't think that it makes much sense to have all of them on the main page - perhaps the last ten or the last three months would be fine, but I think more than a year of previous challenges will be too much...) - and should be included into all of those pages (the only thing that could be even better would be your idea to use tabs, but I don't think I have seen them on commons so far)
  1. And then there are quite a few more or less important mistakes - translation mistakes (which are easily changed) and others - e.g. the template to use on the file description (which I have to make that compatible for the two-month-long challenges...) would be {{Photo challenge winner|first|2014|May-June|Time for sports}}
  2. I don't like that the box floating on the left can hide the tools there - perhaps moving it to the right side would be better?
  3. The archive doesn't have to be on the main page, as it's a talk page archive and doesn't include information that formerly was on the main page
  4. In my opinion the main header should remain Commons:Photo challenge or Commons Photo challenges, but could have the header just below
  5. By the way - doesn't a gallery illustrate closed submissions instead of open ones? ;->

I'm never sure if I really should give feedbacks - I tend to be quite critical. Hope my comments were okay and thanks for trying out new possibilities! Even if I'm not sure that a complete remake of the main page is the best idea (I'm thinking of all the translations that would have to be redone), I know that the main page and the connection to its subpage need improvement - and I do think that your page helps to develop at least some of them (header, presentation of the challenges open for voting, previous challenge winners, ideas for themes,...). One of the things I personally don't like on the current page is how the current votes are presented at the moment - it's something we'd like people to find and for now that's easier about the watchlist notice than via the photo challenge-main page.
So thanks for presenting your ideas, Anna reg (talk) 10:05, 4 November 2014 (UTC)

  Thank you. for those comments Anna. It's a "premier jet"
  1. I used the LangSwitch only for this test and will turn to Transalte if we use this or another better version. It'll be easy to do because I('ll) reused all the text of the current main page.
  2. I wish we have one page for each thing...
  3. I wanted to give more lisibility to the page too overloaded IMAO.
  4. I know pics have no connection with the challenge but they illustrate the destination pages. I was inspired by your own page but wanted something less conventional. POTY's header is fine but already use  . I'm not enough good with tabs templates but I can try to modify it and see... When I'll have time.
  5. My english words don't always say what I want...
  6. Do you really use the tools of the left? When I've finished with a page I go back to my watchlist and I use the left menu very rarely. On the right, the floating box will hide a part of the text.
  7. The archive box is here as exemple and of course will be on the talkpage.
  8.   Done.
  9. I choose this way to let people see what was done by the past.
Every thing could be done better but I have problems with some English technical terms and I've never used all those templates and tabs and tables and all that stuff... I'm an old student : I modifie a parameter and look what it makes but it's not easy. I'm doing the same for my own page. If someone can do that better and adapt what I've done in a better way it could make a good main page. That's why I ask everyone to look at and say what they think.
Let's see... --Llann .\m/ (Lie 2 me ...) 22:56, 4 November 2014 (UTC)
Yes, I do use the links on the left - mainly the interwiki links, from time to time the main page or the uploading-link (Importer un fichier), but I also find Pages liées, Information sur la page, and Sous-pages useful (I chose the French names, as I think the German ones would be a bit difficult for you ;->). I made a first try at a header (still quite similar to the one I use - and I didn't manage to get the writing into one row...) Well, that's it for tonight... ;-> Anna reg (talk) 01:42, 5 November 2014 (UTC)
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