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You can block me indefinitely.

The first deletion request decide that my picture is not ok with CC by SA. So, it's not allowed to modify it without my agreement. I'm not ok with this modification. So, we delete this picture.

As soon as I am unblock, I will ask again the removal of this photo. So if you think that a deletion request from me should result in a blockage, you have to block me indefinitely. Thanks.

Ludo (talk) 16:55, 11 September 2015 (UTC)

Ludo, your legal interpretations (about the meaning of a license) are your opinion (as are mine and everyone else's). You did ask for removal. But you also uploaded new versions, which could be disruptive in the middle of a request based on a particular version. If you believe that a version is not optimal, you may fork it, and then deletion could be considered separately for various versions.
Individual wikis may also host variant versions, and even versions where the license is not clearly free, that depends on many details. The servers are in the U.S., so U.S. copyright law must be followed, and it allows fair use.
However, you are obviously very upset. That is painful. I highly recommend taking a deep breath and stepping away for a bit. You have worked long and hard for the wikis, and sometimes communities fail to express appreciation for that. I don't know your work, specifically, but that you worked hard is obvious from the advanced rights you had, especially on, and your high contribution counts.
There has been a call for you to be blocked, here, because of revert warring. Please stop revert warring, or anything that looks like revert warring, but I would oppose a block in any case, unless you start to be widely disruptive. It's just not necessary. Take a break! Maybe have that beer. Or, if you have been drinking too much beer, stop for a while! Whatever, life will look better tomorrow. I promise. --Abd (talk) 22:08, 13 September 2015 (UTC)
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