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Message re Tunberg images

What would you like me to do? I took the photos and did the Photoshop artwork. Doesn't that make me the owner? Would you like me to send you the original tiff photos and working files? The only photo that I didn't take is Neoclassical Drawing Trap, which was taken in 1968 by Arty Zeller (a friend of Tunberg's, who is now dead) and given to Tunberg before it went to the Whitney. I did the artwork on the image. Would you like an affidavit from Tunberg? Please advise how you would like me to proceed. I have been working diligently to learn Wikipedia and bring the page up to Wikipedia's standards. Btw, I now know what TwisterSwister's "book" remark was. He didn't bother to read the page or scroll to see Tunberg's father's filmography. A question: Does everyone go through this? I built the Alfred Shaheen page awhile back and never had this trouble. It was very simple, and a bot helped by cleaning up the refs. Quite frankly, I'm feeling persecuted.Cstwct (talk) 23:29, 20 November 2016 (UTC)

I've posted my reply at en:User talk:Cstwct#Commons uploads. Just for reference, Commons and Wikipedia are technically separate sites even though there is some overlap between the two and they both are operated by the en:Wikimedia Foundation. So, what might be OK on Commons might not be OK on Wikipedia and vice versa. So, issues with files uploaded to Commons need to be resolved according to Commons policies and guidelines. -- Marchjuly (talk) 01:29, 21 November 2016 (UTC)
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