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Copyright violations - Please RemoveEdit

You marked two of my logos as being copyright violations. I am an owner of those logos and put them on the page where I wanted them to be, and as a matter of fact my daughter created the current logo. They are not copyright violations. I don't know why you thought of reporting them as such. Juliannakc (talk) 03:42, 30 June 2019 (UTC)

Hi Juliannakc. There's no way for anyone to know who created them from the information you provided when uploading the file. One of the logos appears on the official website of the team and there is no indication that any of the content hosted on that website is released under a free license that Commons accepts. If your daughter created the logo, then she (not you) would be considered to be the copyright holder; therefore, Commons would need something from her clearly stating that she is willing to release the file under a free license that Commons accepts. There are a couple of ways she can do this as explained in c:COM:OTRS#Licensing images: when do I contact OTRS?, but the easiest might be for her to email OTRS as suggested in Commons:Email templates/Consent and explicitly state in writing that she agrees to release the file under a license that Commons accepts. Before she does so though, she'll need to understand a few things:
  1. She has to be the copyright holder. Sometimes people create things for others as sort of a en:work-for-hire type of thing and they don't retain copyright ownership or they agree to a en:copyright transfer agreement as part of their "contract" with another party.
  2. The only types of free licenses that Common accepts are those which pretty much allow anyone anywhere in the world to download the file at anytime and use for any purpose, including commercial and derivative use. The only restriction she as the copyright holder can place on these people is to require them to give her credit for being the person who created the logo. Beyond that, she can't really stop anyone else from taking the logo and using it to make money or for some other purpose that she might not agree with as long as these other people are abiding by the terms of the license.
  3. She will not be transferring her copyright ownership over the logo to Commons; she only be making a version of the logo freely available for others to use without having to track her down and get her permission each and every time they want to use it. As long as nobody tries to claim that they are the original creator of the logo, they will be able to use the free version under the terms of the license. You can find out more about this in en:Creative Commons.
  4. Once she releases a version of the logo under a free license, she can't change her mind at a later date. Commons only accepts licenses which are non-revocable. She can ask for the file to be deleted from Commons, but that won't stop anyone who previously downloaded the free version from Commons or found it being used on some other website from continuing to use it. She'll only be able to stop them if they violate the terms of the license the file was uploaded under; that's, however, going to be a problem between her and that other person, and nothing something Commons will be able to resolve.
For these reasons, many commercial artists or people who create copyrighted content are generally unwilling to have their work uploaded to Commons because it means that they are basically agreeing in advance to give up quite a bit of control over something they've created. For the same reasons, Commons tries to be really diligent and make sure it only hosts files which created by those who agree to the above. Lots of people find files online and then upload them to Commons as their "own work"; so, Commons needs to make sure as best as it can about copyright ownership and intent or it will delete the file as a precaution. The files weren't tagged to try and cause you or daughter any embarrassment, but because Commons needs to be as sure as it can be about a file's licensing. If you have anymore questions about this, feel free to ask and COM:VPC. Another Commons editor has removed the templates I added and started a deletion discussion about the files instead. You'll find links to these discussion on your user talk page, and you can also comment or clarify in those discussion as needed. -- Marchjuly (talk) 05:24, 30 June 2019 (UTC)
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