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Oirat, I notice that you recently edited this image to include the genetics chart I created. Since my chart is licensed under a GNU Free Documentation License, you’re obviously free to create derivative works from it. However, this license also carries certain limitations, which are listed in the Wikipedia article describing it:

  • All previous authors of the work must be attributed.
  • All changes to the work must be logged.
  • All derivative works must be licensed under the same license.
  • The full text of the license, unmodified invariant sections as defined by the author if any, and any other added warranty disclaimers (such as a general disclaimer alerting readers that the document may not be accurate for example) and copyright notices from previous versions must be maintained.

This means that if you’re going to create a derivative work from my chart, you need to give me credit as the chart’s original creator, and the derivative work can’t be released into public domain. Please follow the licensing requirements for my chart, or I’ll have to report your version of this image for violating my chart’s license. --Captain Occam (talk) 20:10, 11 January 2010 (UTC)

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