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Orchid questionEdit

As you are well aware of, I have uploaded quite a lot of photos of orchids from the Gothenburg Botanical Garden. As you have helped me before when there have been mistakes with the naming I hope you can help me again. I have uploaded a few pictures of Cyrtochilum serratum. The plant was standing just next to Vitekorchis excavata (named as Oncidium excavatum). As the two plants were very similar and that the plant Cyrtochilum serratum is not as similar to the other pictures in that category. Do you think they have made a real mistake this time (not just misspelled or used obsolete synonyms)? I will ask the staff when I get there next time, but I don't know when that'll be so I hope you can give me a hint before that. Thanks in advance. --Averater (talk) 19:25, 4 November 2015 (UTC)

....your pictures of Cyrtochilum serratum seem to be Vitekorchis excavata also. Here you see photos of Cyrtochilum serratum, presents on a trusted source: [1]. Thanks for your great photos and best greetings. Orchi (talk) 15:12, 5 November 2015 (UTC)

Subcategories (botanical illustrations)?Edit

Dear Orchi,

i just wondered.. Is it effective to banish botanical professional artwork to a separate subcategory - as seems to be tradition here? If finished (not just studies), these images can show a plant with flowers, seeds butterflies etc. much better than a photograph ever can do (focus depth, not all characteristics shown, colour, etc.). This way, botanical artworks often are the best images extant of a species, so these should be shown in the main category. Sometimes coloured drawings even functioned as the type definition. By the way, we don't have subcategories "(botanical photographs)" ;-). Best regards, Hansmuller (talk) 18:21, 22 November 2015 (UTC)

Dear Hansmuller,
I think, the botanical drawings have a good home in "botanical illustrations" and find the scientific attention. By the way, I love the old hand-colored drawings and the books of the 18th century, (especially if the images are well edited ;-) ). Best greetings. Orchi (talk) 19:07, 22 November 2015 (UTC)
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