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On what basis & merit has the files which were already in public domain as per Indian Copyright Act have been deliberately deleted? If a picture is already in public domain since its copyright has expired and can be reused freely, how the contributions made by me over last 4 years deleted entirety, some of which were credibly in public domain? In reason it is written, found higher resolution, pls provide link of any such higher resolution picture! 04:17, 30 September 2015 (UTC) Bn bt ec01

Indian Politician and deletion imagesEdit

You might find any of the following of interest: B. P. Mandal, Mandal Commission and/or this news story. Many of the edits on those two W:pages are anonymous, some are from the uploader of these images. The dates in the article may be of some use deciding the copyright of the images. I hope this helps! You may recall there was a rather upset talk message on my page about this recently, so I did some looking around. Ellin Beltz (talk) 21:42, 7 October 2015 (UTC)

Ellin Beltz, I do look at the articles and also the name of the uploader. Unfortunately, I've had to block a few accounts on as impersonation accounts and it's difficult to take any of these seriously. Also, like in the earlier deletion review that you had done, the problem is that many of them confuse possession of a photo for ownership of copyright. This is actually the biggest problem we have with India related images (especially political) and then the tags keep getting changed. On the Mandal one, I had left a note on Jim's talk page as he had closed the old DR that these images are all post 1960 (most of them I think would be 1970+), a lot can actually be said from the furniture used in these government photos :) The more metal there is, the newer it is! —SpacemanSpiff 01:57, 8 October 2015 (UTC)
Yup! Was just offering some sources and possible source of uploader's name. Face-wink.svg I didn't mean in any way to suggest you weren't doing the right thing, merely some extra information. Cheers! Ellin Beltz (talk) 03:43, 8 October 2015 (UTC)
Ellin Beltz, not at all, I didn't take your post that way; I was just clarifying about the typical process I follow in these cases. Sometimes this is also why I let things slip and handle them after four years (as happened with something on recently!) as I forget about it during my research! Often times, especially with the Indian politicians you'll find a lot of PD-Self or CC-BY tags by non-copyright owners claiming ownership while in the case of Indian actors, Indian writers etc you'll find a claim that the source has released it to PD/CC-BY. A lot of this is purely confusion and a lack of understanding. Only rarely does it become disruptive like in the earlier DR. cheers. —SpacemanSpiff 04:02, 8 October 2015 (UTC)
Agreed on the licenses, we recently had a current politician "Ruby Yadev" upload pageant shots, newspapers, and a pile of various photos all claimed own work; when DN'd the claim changed to "they're all taken by my personal photographer." Unfortunately we never did get an OTRS from him. I only clarified that there was no problem because I was having one of those days yesterday and I didn't wish to be misunderstood! Cheers! Ellin Beltz (talk) 14:38, 8 October 2015 (UTC)

Request kind attention towards PD Images taken before 1955Edit

Sir, the following Images taken between 1930s and 1947 when the subjects first rose to office in British India and later in independent India (In 1947) have been wrongly deleted.These images are clearly PD-India and legitimately old enough (more than 74 years old) to be undeleted and kept. File:Dr Rajendra Prasad PM Jahawar Lal Nehru Dr Anugrah Narayan Sinha Patna.jpg File:Bihar Vibhuti Anugraha Narain Sinha portrait.jpg File:Bihar Vibhuti Dr Anugrah Narain Sinha.jpg File:Bihar Vibhuti Dr. Anugrah Narayan Sinha.jpg Request to kindly verify,As these images belong to the period 1930s-1947, they are certainly in PD-India —Preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 13:13, 10 October 2015 (UTC)

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