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Most of my contributions are done in the German wikipedia. If discussions are nice, considerate and not condescending may even receive attention. (Don't mention the War! - Although I might let get away with it. Once!

Subcategories in Category:Plants in botanical garden in BatumiEdit

Usually subcategories of plants in botanical gardens are divided into orders and families (see: Category:Plants at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourneā€Ž, Category:Plants at the New York Botanical Garden, Category:Specimens in the Botanischer Garten, Berlin-Dahlem). In case of Batumi I can not find any logical arrangement (subcategories are different ranges - subfamily, genus, tribe all on the same level of categorization. Kenraiz (talk) 15:16, 14 June 2019 (UTC)

@Kenraiz: The arrangement was according to number of files existing, as the purpose was to empty the overfull category with close to 360 images. Feel free to rearrange. --Zenwort (talk) 09:01, 15 June 2019 (UTC)
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