Vice President of the United States

holder of a public office in the United States
English: The Vice President of the United States is the first in the line of succession to be President of the United States.
Español: El Vicepresidente de los Estados Unidos es el segundo más alto cargo oficial electivo del gobierno estadounidense.
Bahasa Indonesia: Wakil Presiden Amerika Serikat adalah orang yang berada di garis depan untuk menjadi Presiden Amerika Serikat.
日本語: アメリカ合衆国副大統領は、大統領権限継承順位第一位の官職。

Vice Presidents of the United StatesEdit

Living former Vice PresidentsEdit

Presently, there are five living former vice presidents. The most recent death of a former vice president was that of Gerald Ford (served 1974–77) on December 26, 2006, aged Template:Age in years and days. The most recently serving vice president to die was Nelson Rockefeller (served 1974–77) on January 26, 1979, aged Template:Age in years and days.

Living as of Template:Monthyear
OS Vice President Tenure Date of birth
42 Walter Mondale 1977–1981 January 5, 1928 (1928-01-05) (age 88)
43 George H. W. Bush 1981–1989 June 12, 1924 (1924-06-12) (age 92)
44 Dan Quayle 1989–1993 February 4, 1947 (1947-02-04) (age 69)
45 Al Gore 1993–2001 March 31, 1948 (1948-03-31) (age 68)
46 Dick Cheney 2001-2009 January 30, 1941 (1941-01-30) (age 75)