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This page is the (edited) outcome of a session at the Berlin Meeting in May 2011. See here for the full notes.

Suggested partner typesEdit

  • NGOs
  • tourism offices
  • public administration offices: from local offices for protection of heritage or alike up to ministery of culture/national heritage or alike
  • use national chapters of European level partners (CoE etc)
  • owners of the monuments (i.e. museums, associations of owners of monuments)
  • groups/organisations of potential contest participants
  • Photographer organizations
  • Local contests, local municipalities
  • Monument related magazines
  • Religious organizations
  • Schools/elderly organizations
  • Tourist office/institutions
  • Use European Heritage Day to promote WLM (middle/end September)
  • The world wide ones
  • clean-up actions like Let's Do It! World. (photo hunt + monument surroundings clean-up combined etc)

What can they help with:Edit